Thursday, 30 October 2014

Picture of 8yr old John Dumelo in a movie

The movie which was shot in 1991 is titled "Baby Thief"

Pics: 9ice shares his branded palm wine during campaign rally

The singer is following in the footsteps of the president who shared rice.

Dencia Sizzles in new photoshoot

The curvy  singer/entrepreneur shared this pic recently.  One word "HOT".

Actress, Barbara Bowman claims she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby

I refuse to believe this story. Anyhoo, according to DailyMail....
When Barbara Bowman was a teenager she was emotionally and sexually abused by the TV star and in an exclusive interview with MailOnline she describes in chilling detail how Cosby manipulated her into believing he was a father figure and took advantage of her youth, vulnerability and yes, even ambition, to have his way with her over and over again.

Picture:Bruce Jenner Spotted With Pink Nails

 The 65 year old Olympic medalist and reality TV star is definitely trying to tell us something.

 From getting his Adams apple removed, to keeping long hair and now spotting pink nails!! This one is not any mid life crisis oh! There is definitely something brewing.

MI features Tuface, Patoraking,Phyno, Seyi Shay amongst others in his star studded #ChairmanAlbum

The long awaited #ChairmanAlbum is here and a lot of Nigerian stars were featured on the album
I can't wait for the album to be released. :-).

Picture of Beyonce's Step Sister, Koi Knowles Revealed

Her name is Koi Knowles. According to her mother, Taqoya Banscmb, she loves singing and dancing like her step sisters.

Even though her dad Matthew Knowles reportedly had a vasectomy, the DNA tests revealed she is indeed his daughter. 

She is too cute.
Taqoya BranscombTa
Koi KnowlesKoi
Koi Knowles
Koi Knowles

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Picture: Check Out Pres. Goodluck Jonathan's "Goodluck Campaign Rice"

The president who is running for office again come 2015 is sharing rice  to remain in power.

If it could work for a certain state governor, why won't it work for our president. But sharing bag of rice though! What happened to trying to woo voters with what you would do for them?

Picture .....Oh My!! Lady with Uti Nwachukwu exposese her lady lumps

Dang!!! I just can't!! All these clothes always set we women up. Why did she not wear a bra or at least pasties. Judging from the picture, I think she is a beauty queen.

  But then the camera man is mean. Very mean. Why did he not tell her to adjust her top.

Picture of the day: The Goat and Atiku's Poster

oh my!! Too funny!!.

Meet the First Black Marvel Super Hero....Chadwick Boseman to Star in Black Panther

Via THR.....

Boseman will play T’Challa, the head of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, in the movie, which is scheduled to be released Nov. 3, 2017. The Black Panther — created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby — was a long-serving member of the Avengers who also enjoyed multiple critically acclaimed solo runs throughout his 48-year history.

He is one hot eye candy.

Pics: Father Puts 10yr Old Daughter on Blast for Acting Too Grown

A vigilant dad who noticed that his lil girl was acting beyond her years put his daughter on blast by posting the pics above. 

Kevin Jones discovered to his horror that his 10 yr old, 5th grader daughter had pretended to be an 18 year old girl and even snagged a boyfriend for herself. According to Kevin.....

Since my beautiful daughter Janiya wants to be grown and lie about her age. Saying she is 14,15,16 & 18 years old. She claims to be in love and going with a boyfriend which is completely against my rules!!!! I uncovered that she has been doing this for quite some time. She also has snuck and obtained social media accounts, also against my rules!!!! Here’s the consequence behind her actions. An age defining shirt. Yes people she is 5’9 and 10 years old. #BuddiesBarrettesBallBalls

Picture of Halima Abubakar as a child with her parents

The Nollywood actress looks like her dad.

Obasanjo, Babagida and Buhari star in new movie


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Picture: Kylie Jenner Debuts Surgically Enhanced Lips

Kim Kardashian's baby sis is definitely on a mission to look older than her age. The 17 year old got tongues wagging when she posted the pic (which she has deleted) above showing her obviously bigger lips.
Kylie before the lip job

Even though this chick obviously has Angelina Jolie as her role model, someone should tell her to stop. Those lips are gradually turning to "Dokpemu" lips.

Femi Otedola Covers Forbes Magazine

The Nigerian billionaire is the latest entrepreneur to grace the cover of Forbes magazine.


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