Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Flawless Facial skin starts Now

                 Everyone desires to have beautiful skin and  alot has been said about the need to look young even in old age but do you know that you have to start taking good care of your skin early to have lovely flawless skin when old. The skin you have when young is   given to you by nature but the skin you have when old, is earned by you. Skin care and maintenance is easy if you follow the following basic steps of cleansing, toning, using a facial scrub and moisturizing. Most people still have problems with their skin because they do not know the type of skin they have.
The first process in facial skin care is to know your skin type. There are basically four types of skin and they are Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination. Once you are able to determine your skin type, the process of effective skin care has begun.
If you do not know your skin type, please follow these simple steps:
Wash your skin and wait for 45mins.
1) Take a clean wide tissue and place it evenly, all over your face at once.
2) Take it out.
If you notice stains all over the tissue, you have oily skin.
If you notice stains on your T-zone (That is your nose and forehead), then you have combination skin.
If your face feels tight for a long time after washing you have dry skin
If your skin does not feel tight after washing or oily when you place tissue on it, then you have normal skin.
                The sure proof way of finding out though, is to see a dermatologist to help determine your skin type. Once you know your skin type, the process of effective skin care has begun.
         This is actually the first and most important process .You do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. There are different types of cleansers out there, but the most important thing is finding a cleanser that is suitable for your type of skin. I always advise people to use facial cleansers that will not strip their skin of its moisture content.

I love NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN   and love Cetaphil  gentle skin cleanser
                This is the second process. After cleansing your skin, you use the toner to remove any trace of cleanser that may be left. I personally will not encourage people with dry skin to use a facial toner, because it has the tendency to dry out your skin.

I love L’Oreal gentle toning lotion

                When you use the facial scrub, it removes all the dead skin cells on your face. This part is very important because as you get older, skin renewal becomes slower. That is why the skin gets dull as you age. You need to scrub your skin regularly to remove the dead skin cells that stay on the surface of your skin . This should be done once a week as over scrubbing will irritate your skin and leave it sore.
I love Neutrogena  deep clean scrub  

Moisturize! Moisturize!!Moisturize!!!This cannot be over emphasized but unfortunately ,it is an aspect that is skipped by most people( especially people with oily skin).It is very important because  as we go about our daily activities, moisture is stripped from our skin, leaving our skin dry and when we do not moisturize frequently , our skin ages faster. When choosing your moisturizer, you should choose the one suitable for your skin type. If you use moisturizer formulated for dry skin on an oily skin, it can clog your pores leading to breakout (pimples) on your face. There are different moisturizers  for every skin (even those with oily skin).The most important thing is to choose the one suitable for your skin type and we  should also choose one with SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin from harmful sun rays that damage our skin.
 I love Almay Daily moisturizer 
           Anthony Logistic oil free facial lotion for men
        You can do other things like steaming with special oils, applying facial mask and so on. But the above basic steps if followed diligently will help you have beautiful flawless facial skin at any age.


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