Thursday, 10 February 2011

British-Born Nigerian Claudia Aderotimi Dies In The US After Butt Enhancement Surgery.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, believed a 'bigger booty' would help in her quest to appear in more music videos, her distraught friends have claimed.

One even revealed the aspiring dancer - stagename Carmella London - was dropped from one shoot because directors discovered she had been wearing padded trousers to help enlarge her bottom.
  Talent scout Tee Ali, who met the university student when she filmed a video, told The Sun: 'She was a dancer and choreographer.
'The problem was she didn't have no butt, and she wanted a butt.
'She went to audition for one video shoot wearing fake booty pants and she got

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all the attention.
'But when they found out it was fake she didn't get asked back.'
   He described her as 'victim' of social pressure to be perfect and thought a larger bottom would make her famous.'
The Thames Valley University student developed chest pains and struggled for breath 12 hours after she had the illegal silicone injections at a budget hotel.
She was taken to hospital but could not be saved.A preliminary examination found the silicone filler had leaked into her bloodstream, leading to heart failure.
    American detectives are investigating whether she was treated with cheap ‘industrial’ silicone, normally used as a sealant, rather than medical-grade material used in breast implant surgery.
     Aderotimi and a friend flew into Philadelphia on Saturday with plans to improve their physiques with buttocks-enhancement injections.
Police said that the other woman told them the women thought they were being injected with silicone.
Investigators are awaiting autopsy test results to determine if the substance was in fact silicone, police said.
     A reporter for the English newspaper the Daily Mail went to the home of Aderotimi's sister in north London. Paul Thompson reported a dozen friends and family had gathered at the home.
"We're still in shock," Vivian Adertimi said. "We need to think about what we have to do."She declined further comment.
    Aderotimi and her friend were part of a group of four women, all in their 20s, who arrived Saturday. The two who did not receive injections came to the United States to attend a party in New York City, said Detective Lt. John Walker.
    Buttocks-enhancement injections, often involving silicone gel or liquid, are illegal but widely available. Dozens of women have reported injuries, according to federal health agencies, including infections, kidney impairment, and, in rare instances, death.
Walker said Aderotimi checked into the Hampton Inn and sometime over the weekend received the injections. She was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital at 1:30 a.m. Monday after complaining of chest pains and experiencing shortness of breath.
She died later that day. Fredric Hellman, Delaware County medical examiner, said a preliminary cause of death will not be released until Aderotimi's relatives are notified.The second woman, who received injections to her buttocks and hips, has not been hospitalized, police said.
Legitimate buttocks enhancements using silicone implants are relatively rare - about 5,000 were done throughout the nation last year. There is a large illegal underground market for the sale and injection of silicone even though it has been decades since any product has been approved by regulators for reshaping a body part."Silicone injections used to be done years ago to make breasts bigger ... but that has not been done, legitimately, for 40 or 50 years," said R. Barrett Noone, a Bryn Mawr, Pa., plastic surgeon who serves as executive director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.The Food and Drug Administration, on its website, says the agency has "prohibited the injection of liquid silicone or silicone gel to fill wrinkles or augment tissues anywhere in the body." It has been blamed for autoimmune disease and physical disfigurements.

Collagen injections, using a substance made from protein, have been approved by the FDA to fill small imperfections, typically in facial areas.

Some clinics in the United Kingdom offer buttocks and breast injections with a different processed protein, but the cost is about $4,500.

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