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Red Hot Valentine..... Gift Ideas

   Some men dread this day because they believe  it is a day meant for only one thing----to drain their pockets while most women (moi included ** bats eyelids** what, I am only being honest here) believe it is a day they ought to be spoilt. The funny thing is that women also spoil their men on that day, so it is a win, win situation. Do not mind me, I have to admit men are usually very caring on this day.
            No matter the fence you are sitting on concerning who spends more, one thing for sure is that gifts are going to be exchanged on that day.
      Here are some lovely gift ideas for that special someone in your life.

Burlesque Inspired Lingerie
      Which woman does not feel sexy in beautiful lingerie?.Surprise her with a sexy lace number. Add a little bit of kinkiness by buying costume lingerie. A burlesque inspired lingerie is also fun and sexy. There are a wide range of characters to choose from. You can either be a school girl, a sexy nurse, wonder woman or any character you have ever fantasized her dressed as.
This gift is sure going to have an effect on both you and your woman. Word of caution though, no one has to know except both of you*wink*wink**.

Make her the envy of her friends when she struts out with this lovely birkin Hermes bag or  this beautiful Ankara piece from Coco Ankara.

Spoil her silly and satisfy her sweet tooth with a box of chocolates. She is going to have a swell time savouring every moment of it’s luxurious goodness. An added bonus is that it is an aphrodisiac.

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Chris Aire "Rainfall" Earrings
Affordable Pair
   Most girls like a little precious,precious on their body. Be it bracelets, earrings, necklaces or a complete set of jewelry. This is every girl’s favourite gift .Even the American first lady , Michelle Obama was asked recently  what she wanted for Valentine’s Day her response was
“Jewelry always,” you can’t go wrong.” 

Heat by Beyonce
Want a new smell on your woman that will linger leaving sweet memories after the day is over? Then spoil her with a bottle of that perfume she has always wanted.

Red Roses
Legend has it that  red rose was  the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The color red stands for strong romantic feelings making the red rose the flower of love and the appropriate flower to be given to that special person on valentine's day.

Dinner Dress by Koshibah 

 Bring out the inner diva in your girl. Make her the cynosure of all eyes on that day by spoiling her with this breath taking Kosibah number as you enjoy a night out. If you like your woman looking spicy then you can spoil her with this RED HOT Valentino number.

Is your lady a makeup junky? Surprise her by giving her a fix with this lovely makeup set from Mud.

The Ring....Propose
Have you been thinking of the right day to take your relationship to the next level? Why not propose to her on this special day. Propose to her with this beautiful Emerald encrusted white gold ring from unveil.

   The act of showering gifts and showing that special someone how much you care is not restricted to only the men alone. Show and make that special man feel like the KING that he is with these gifts.

Dolce n Gabanna

Cufflinks, Ties, Shirts, Shoes and Suits
Watch the spring in his steps when he wears all or either of these beauties you gift him with to that business meeting or lunch with the clients.
Toys For the Geek
Is your man an I.T freak?Then Satisfy his inner geek by purchasing an electronic wonder for him this valentine.Toy of choice.... the Apple Ipad. or you can get him the hottest sensation right now, the Blackberry Z10

Polo by Ralph Lauren
Want your king smelling like a million bucks?Then gift him with a nice perfume.Perfume of choice..Polo by Ralph Lauren

When men want to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings, in most cases their first choice is always a piece of cake.The good thing is that there are alot of varieties to choose from.......vanilla,strawberry,coconut butterscotch,chocolate and so on.
Since Valentine's day is all about love and it's sweetness and a beautiful cake to that special man in your life won't be out of place.Gift him with a rich chocolate cake infused with berries like the one above.

Candle light Dinner
  Taking that special person out for dinner is usually done by the man. Turn the tables around and be a “Sugar mama” to your man on that day. Spoil him like the king that he is. Take him out for a candle light dinner in a posh exclusive restaurant.
Recommended Spots
Lincx  Continental Cuisine And Bar………. Benin
Bacchus Night  Club and Bar....Lagos
Platinum Lounge.......................Abuja
     Are you low on cash? No need for alarm .Create your own candle light dinner at home .Create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere (Candles, his favourite food ,soft music playing in the background, a sexy you) in your home (without the kids, just the two of you).Take your time to make sure everything is extra special.
Do either of these and see what happens afterwards.
Music of choice to spice up the mood and say how you feel
Destiny’s Child……….Cater to you
Brandy…………………He is

Romantic getaway
Have you guys always wanted to get away, just the two of you? Then a romantic getaway to any destination of your choice is perfect for this season.
            You will have to plan your time around that day to ensure that you are both free on that day.

Destinations Of Choice
Obubu Cattle Ranch…….. Calabar , Nigeria
Sun City…………………..South Africa
      Jump start the morning by calling into a radio station to request  your loved one’s favourite love song.
Relieve your high school days. Send romantic text messages, write poems and write love letters (my favourite).This is going to tickle his or her fancy and give him or her something to keep and treasure .Nothing shows or says how much you love that person like words
Please while you do these things, do not forget that widow, orphan, homeless person---- that person in need. Put a smile on their faces. Show them how special they are. Give them a gift this valentine and experience the joy that goes with selfless love and giving.

I have so many gifts I would love to be spoilt with on that day. Chocolates)my favorite), a dress by Kosibah (my fantasy), Lingerie(do not ask me why, looool!!!) and some other lovely things. But the most important thing is that I want to receive and put a smile on someone’s face by showing how special they truly are.
   What about you? What gift(s) are you hoping you will be spoilt with on valentine’s day. Please Let us know in the comment box.


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