Thursday, 17 March 2011

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown Force Bobbi Kristina Into Drug Rehab?

It has been reported that Bobby Brown and ex-wife Whitney Houston have decided to send their daughter to rehab….
Although she’s repeatedly denied that she uses drugs, Bobbi Kristina could be heading to rehab.
According to reports, her parents, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, put
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aside their differences to present a united front and encourage Bobbi to accept professional help.
“Whitney called Bobby and they agreed that Krissi needs rehab,” an anonymous source told The National Enquirer. “They also agreed on a tough-love move to shake Krissi up, and Whitney returned a Lexus convertible she’d bought for Krissi.”
The news comes weeks after images of Bobbi Kristina hunched over a table with a straw-like object to her nose were published in The Enquirer.
Initially, the 17-year-old took to Twitter to deny that she used drugs. At that time, Bobbi told fans and followers that an ex had distributed the photos that were just a joke.
However, now it seems she’s admitting to the cocaine use, but is insisting she only gets high for recreational purposes.
“She says that she does cocaine for fun and isn’t addicted,” the source said.
Both Whitney and Bobby have reluctantly admitted to some drug use in the past. Now they’re reportedly pointing fingers at one another and passing the blame; the source said there’s enough of that to go around.

Source ...s2s magazine

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  1. I do not believe that Christiana is on drugs it all bullshit


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