Monday, 4 April 2011

Michelle Williams Surprised By Beyoncé Leaving Her Father (Video)

Entertainment insiders weren't the only ones surprised by Beyoncé's recent decision to part ways with manager and father, Matthew Knowles. Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams spoke to HipHollywood and shared that though she'd also left Knowles' Music World management umbrella, she didn't expect Beyoncé to follow in her and Kelly Rowland's footsteps.
"When you think of family that's all she's known since she was a little girl. But she's a
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grown woman now," said Rowland. "You're grown and you make grown decisions, some are harder than others but the love is still there. I'm not speaking for her, but that's your father. You can always get another manager but you can't get another daddy. I can't wait until we all get together again."
And of course, no chat with a Destiny's Child member would be complete without asking when the trio will reunite.
"[Matthew] always leaves that question of wonder … one minute it's yes, one minute it's no," said Williams. "I don't know, but [Matthew Knowles] still manages Destiny's Child as a group so we'll see. We never know. One day when we're all married and have children, maybe that's when we'll get back together because then we'll actually have something cool to sing about."
Earlier this week, Beyoncé announced, via her personal publicist, that she'd ended her managerial relationship with her father, who had guided her career since its inception.

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