Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Funmi Iyanda turns down CNN job

Nigerian presenter Funmi Iyanda has reportedly turned down a presenting job with global news giant CNN. According to her
“Surely, that would have taken my career backward. Why would I

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want to be a presenter on CNN when I make shows that CNN would happily commission and buy? I have been offered several shows to produce and host for a number of international platforms. Two are in development, both are continental and audacious. If CNN offered me my own Piers Morgan type of gig, then yes! You know what would be great? If I am able to do the same for a coalition of NTA, AIT and Channels. Right now the policies and economies that are against it are daunting but time will tell.”


  1. IF she really said this, then I am disappointed. Obviously if she is busy with other projects and has other opportunities, fair enough but to try and compare her skills and experience with that of Piers Morgan is quite ludicrous. Shall we compare their CVs? Piers Morgan was the editor of the world's biggest selling newspaper before he turned 30, has hosted his own show with a global audience for several years and has been a judge on two of the most popular TV shows worldwide. Somehow though, I don't think she said what was quoted above - doesn't sound like her.

  2. Im proud of her. Her production house is beginning to make a dent internationally and very few people are positioned to produce Nigerian content on social and pop culture. CNN if you want Nigerian content stand in line and buy jor tho i dont blame you for trying to own the golden goose and jump on a ready made brand... glad shes smart enough to hold out when the world is keying in to own Nigerias valuable marketing space... im not shocked that CNN is wooing her rather than the usual process of having people apply... they are sharpiros...

  3. I am proud of you you know what you want and you are sticking to it. You are a real good Nigerian


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