Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pastor Adeboye Of RCCG Orders Tight Security

With the recent wave of bombings going on in Nigeria now, everyone is really trying to be careful ,especially in public places.

In the message titled “ Security Consciousness Beloved” Pastor Adeboye warned the pastors to be conscious of strange movement and faces in and around the vicinity of their respective parishes.
Below is a short version of the email
“please this is to tell you that all worshipers coming to the church or any program at all should be well scrutinized by the ushers, especially those with nylon and hand bags of any kind. Please, forward same to the zonal pastors, area pastors and parish pastors.”
God save Nigeria.

Yes we really have to be careful oh!! If you are on a bus or  in a public place and the person seating beside you gets up and tells you to please watch a bag, brief case, brown bag, envelope or any enclosed container, please get up and leave. If the person looks really suspicious alert others. I know  this is too much especially if it ends up being nothing, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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