Monday, 11 July 2011

The Rise Of Nigerian Designers.......International Celebrities Spotted Wearing Their Creations

Kelly Rowland In Kosibah

Kelis in Jewel by Lisa
Anika Nina Rose in Deola Sagoe

         The international fashion world has not only taken note of Nigerian / African fashion, she has also identified and fallen in love with some immensely talented Nigerian designers. Gone are the days when African fashion was looked down on with disdain………African Fashion is the ‘ISH’ on the international fashion scene.

There is a gradual appreciation, love and respect for Nigerian designers by some international celebrities who have been spotted wearing some of their creations.

International celebrities like Kelly Rowland who was spotted wearing  a Kosibah creation,Michelle Obama ( who seems to have fallen helplessly in love with Nigerian born designer ‘Duro Olowo’) , British singer Alesha Dixon (who chose to

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be clothed by bridal and evening wear designer Yemi Osunkoya of fashion house ‘Kosibah’ on her wedding day), American singer Kelis (she wore a beautiful ‘Jewel by Lisa’ skirt to BET’s 106 park show), and Dream girl’s star Anika Nina Rose (she wore an elegant evening gown designed by Deola Sagoe)

The emergence of Nigerian designers on the international fashion scene is a testament to the fact that indeed the world is ready to not just pay attention to Africa, but to also appreciate and respect the work and talent of Nigerian / African fashion designers. Even though people may argue that their emergence internationally is based solely on the fact that Ankara/Mud fabric is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood now, I personally feel it is more about the talent .....that the world is paying  attention to the amazing talent that Nigeria (and the rest of Africa) has to offer.

To view Kosibah's amazing gowns, click here
To view Deola Sagoe's latest collection 'Ori Oke' click here
To view Jewel by Lisa's 'J Label' affordable line, click here

Michelle Obama in Duro Olowo

Michelle Obama wearing Duro Olowo

Kendall Jenner wearing Jewel by Lisa shorts
Naomi Campbell in Deola Sagoe

Charlotte Boateng in Kosibah

British Singer Alesha Dixon Wearing Kosibah Gown
Kelis in Jewel By Lisa

Alesha Dixon (centre) & bride's maids wearing Koshiba
Dawn Richards of Diddy dirty money in a Deola Sagoe creation

E! News presenter Catt Sadler  wearing a Jewel by Lisa skirt

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