Monday, 15 August 2011

Genevieve Nnaji Under Fire Over Sam Loco's Death........ Called An 'Illiterate'

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji,was criticized  on Sunday when she took to social networking site, twitter, to announce the death of veteran Edo state born actor, Sam Loco Efe and to also  commiserate with fans and family.
Hardly had the dust settled when she came on again to apologize that she had been ‘realiblily’ (sic) informed that the man only collapsed, but not dead. She went on to buttress her point by saying she had spoken to family members of the late Sam Loco, who confirmed he was only hospitalized and not dead. She  blamed the news channel she got her earlier information from. Many joined her to condemn the Nigerian news channel .

Few hours later, it was actually confirmed that Sam Loco was dead, and Genny at that point took the comical approach by saying she had created a lot of drama, apologized and vowed that such won’t repeat itself. However, it was too late as many viewed her tweets as an insult to the news sources that announced the death of the veteran actor.

One of such people was Mr. Chris Kehinde Nwandu, publisher of Abuja based The Evening Whisperer based. He sent a blackberry broadcast, calling Genevieve an illiterate. The broadcast which elicited response from Ali Baba and Julius Agwu  saw 
Chris firing back.
Below are the blackberry broadcast: messages

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we broke the news of the demise of Sam Loco, we were called all sorts of names for spreading false rumour by Genevieve".
“…But a local news channel just announced his death as well. Journalism is crap in Nigeria… What do you expect from a half-baked illiterate like Nnaji. Any idiot can be an actress, not Journalist.”

“… I wanted to unleash the second dragon, but when I read the BB response from two of my best friends, I decided simmer…ALIBABA..CKN. You are doing a great job, please activate the spell check on your phone… JULIUS AGWU..CKN correct your spelling from ILLITERTATE to ILLITERATE before Genevieve Nnaji calls you an illiterate, too…. Case closed. Have a nice laffing day..CKN
Genevieve Nnaji

Movie producer Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, also gave his two cents, 

Contents AIT… Chris… Your Yoruba Mama born you well for Igbo Papa. Read my lips, any ‘ill-literate’ fit be ACTORESS. Carry..Go..o


  1. it goes to show that Miss Jenny needs to research properly before publicly tweeting. Chris u were too hard on her, that she didnt go to the university does not make her an illiterate.

  2. Why is Genevieve Nnaji the only one receiving heat... almost every blog I went to on that day reported it and then ended up posting disclaimers that it was then being said that he had not in fact died.. only to remove the disclaimer the following day when it was without all doubt. Other actors and actresses all over facebook did the same. Why does that make her an illiterate. I agree with the above poster. I know many an overly educated person who can only utter ignorant nonsense when they open their mouths.


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