Thursday, 31 March 2011

Style has nothing to do with age......Omowumi Akinnifesi

Omawummi Akinifessi is an ex beauty queen who needs no introduction. Her sense of style oozes elegance and class. It was really no surprise (at least to me ) when she was named Vanguard Allure's style icon of the year....... did i mention the fact that she was on my list of most stylish Nigerians... Women 2010... .
This beauty was the cover girl for Vanguard Allure magazine over the weekend .In it she talks about her most expensive fashion item, her beauty secret, what style means to her,who she is dating,where she sees herself in the next ten years amongst other issues....

How did your style evolve? Did being MGBN influence your dress sense?
Before MBGN, I had always been very stylish and fashionable. But, being MBGN kind of influenced my dress sense in terms of the fact that, formerly, it was just a little more laid back and more casual because I hardly used to go for events.
After winning the crown, it pushed me further to take my style to another level because I had to stand out in the crowd. It pushed me further and I evolved and, style evolves yearly, monthly, weekly, daily. Let’s just say I am more matured in fashion.
How does it feel being in the spotlight? Does it put pressure on you to look good?
As an individual, being in the spotlight, being in the eye of the public, I think it’s more of a challenge in that your private life is very exposed. It’s not private anymore. But, I try to keep my private life to myself as much as possible. And, yes, it is a challenge.
People expect a lot from you and you know what they say: that great power comes with great responsibility. I’m a leader because, for me, being a beauty queen, you are a leader as a woman in terms of fashion, character and personality; in terms of everything. You have to be able to lead in a proper way, show and live by good example because you are going to be inspiring and influencing people.

Does it put pressure on your pocket?
Personally, it

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Blazin Hot Video .... Waje ft Muna – So Inspired

The video 'So Inspired' is about women rising above any challenge and obstacle they face in life.In the video WAJE connects with the oppressed woman, as she plays the role of a distressed and abused female who wouldn’t give up on herself. The video  is from her highly anticipated album
W.A.J.E (Words Aren’t Just Enough) which is intended to drop this June.
It was shot in South Africa by Clarence Peters and features femcee Muna. Watch the video after the jump

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rita Of Koko Manion About To Start New Reality Show

   Remember Rita of Koko Masion? Well the gist being peddled  is that she is working on her own reality show. The title is 'Educating Rita'. Cameras will follow her as she gets...'educated'. The show also aims at educating the thousands of 'Ritas' who will be watching at home. Production will start this year.
Hmm!! I can't wait for it oh!


D'banj Is Going To Be Interviewed On B.E.T

Wow!!! There is no stopping the Koko master D'banj as he takes his game to the next nevel. He has been listed on Billboard, collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg, got a shout from Kanye West (who
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Rick Ross Arrested In Louisiana

Miami rapper Rick Ross was arrested for possession of marijuana Friday night in Shreveport, Louisiana.
A strong smell of marijuana led police to Ross’ hotel room around 11 p.m. According to the police report, upon entering the room officers saw approximately one gram of the drug in plain view.
Rick Ross  whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II — was
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Blazin Hot Video: Diddy-Dirty Money Feat. Rock Ross & Trey Songz - Your Love (Remix)

Watch the video after the jump

Is Jackie Chan Dead?

Jackie Chan wants to set the record straight: Contrary to Internet rumors, he is, in fact, not dead.
"Jackie is alive and well," reads a note on the action star's Facebook page. "He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports."
Chan, 56, is working hard, however, continues the missive: "Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie."
Still not convinced? For those who require proof, Chan
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne Lap Dance (Video)

     Nicki minaj performed with fellow rapper and boss Lil Wayne during her “I Am Music II” tour at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on Sunday (March 27). The rapper surprised him with a lap dance.Lil Wayne was so shocked happy that he fell off his chair. Watch the hilarious video after the jump

Rihanna On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Rihanna is on cover of the new issue of Rolling Stones Mag.More pics after the jump

Beyonce Fires Her Papa/Manager, Mathew Knowles

      Word has it that R & B singer Beyonce, has fired her manager Mathew Knowles. While no concrete reason was given she shocked fans and industry executives when she released this  statement through her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure :
“I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I
more and find out Papa Knowles' reaction after the jump

Genevieve Nnaji On CNN's African Voices (Full length Video)

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji recently made a second appearance on CNN (2nd time within a year). This time around it was on their show 'African Voices'.

    When She was asked by CNN's correspondent Pedro Pinto, about what she does not like and want changed about Nigeria, this is what she had to say:
“I like that as Nigerians as we are, we have some sort of neighborly love that we don’t understand, we have a way of coming to the rescue of complete strangers, we do have that bond and I think it has to do with our background and how we are raised and how Nigerians in a whole have been made to be morally. It’s like you have a moral duty to your society, to yourself, to your family so it’s like everybody’s business is everybody’s business. It’s a bad thing sometimes, but it does have its good sides. You know, so that is something that we are. We probably don’t know as a people and if we don’t know we should know it now, it’s a good thing. What I don’t like about Nigeria…man, I never diss my own country, man! You know, whatever negativity is in a country is in every other country; it’s in every other part of the world. So, the thing is everyone needs to be treated as individuals and not a collective nation. You don’t judge one person or judge one person by another person’s faults. So, I just take every Nigerian the way I see them. I would never live anywhere else to be honest, no.”

Watch the full version of the interview after the jump

Blazin Hot Video .... Omawumi Megbele – If You Ask Me (Na Who I Go Ask)

Incredibly talented musician Omawumi Megbele is out with a new video. This song displayed her vocal prowess and is a beautiful piece. Lovely video too. Watch it after the jump

Picture Of The Day

Majek Fashek looking frail in Houston, America.

Photo Credit...Js

Monday, 28 March 2011

Quote Of The Day

      "I did not go to school and I don't have certificates to flaunt. But providence, hard work, integrity and frugality which are my greatest virtues have rewarded me well".

       Cosmas Maduka, President, Coscharis Group and Vice President Nigeria- Japan Business Association.

2011 Africa Movie Academy Award Winners

   The event which took place last night in Bayelsa State, Nigeria honoured outstanding practitioners in the African movie industry .

Check out the list of winners

Best Film
Viva Riva – Djo Tunda Wa Munga (Congo)

Best Director
Viva Riva – Djo Tunda Wa Munga

Best Actress In Leading Role
Amake Abebrese – Sinking Sands

City People Awards Disrupted As Balmoral Events Center Goes Up In Flames

  The annual City People Award for excellence which took place today was disrupted as fire gutted down Balmoral Events Center ,Lagos.
The real cause of the fire is not known but a wide range of reasons have been attributed as the cause of the fire.
It is being speculated that the caterer for the event wanted to heat up the food that was to be served to the guests (they were in the shafee dishes). Some how things got out of hand and her dress caught fire. In
more after the jump and check out what the center looks like now

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blazin Hot Video .... Dotstar.....Expensive

Azeez Adeshina Akinkpelu aka Dotstar is a Nigerian born U.K based musician.Dotstar’s music conveys a great deal of African influence and this is because of his background. Regularly visiting the motherland to see family and receive inspiration he is extremely proud of his roots. His latest video is 'expensive' (the title of the song). In the song he pays homage to Lagos guys through the verse ...' they call me Lagos Boi Cos I'm a paper boy'....lool!!
Watch the video after the jump

Will The Real Designer Please Stand Up!

That actress Nadia Buari was involved in a scandal over a dress, i am sure is stale news now.But if the gist coming in is any thing to go by,then the dress is indeed a designer dress (sought of) but it isn't Oscar's dress.The alleged source of gown is
more and catch a glimpse of Nadia having fun with an American actor after the jump

Wendy Williams Goes in on Chris Brown (Video)

Watch what talk show hostess,Wendy Williams had to say about Chris Brown's latest good morning America outburst after the jump.
“Listen I don’t think Robin was wrong for asking,” “Interviewers have every right to ask about it. Your

Picture(s) Of The Day

Picture of ex beauty queen turned rapper Munachi Abii, now simply known as 'Muna' looking hot. Check out behind the scene pictures from her upcoming music video 'Pop Sugar' after the jump

Nia Long Will Not Act With Omotola

The gist about Nia Long acting alongside  Omotola Jalade and John Dumelo was every where at a time well there is a new twist...she has dropped out of the movie .Instead Kimberly Elise (the star of Diary of a mad black woman) is going to replace her.
According to what the brain behind the project, Leila Djansi posted on her facebook wall, Kimberly is already in Accra to shoot the movie. Check out Leila's facebook post after the jump

Yeka Onka Wins Nigerian Idol 2011

Yeka Onka (to the left)  is the first ever Nigerian Idol Winner. Her reward is N7.5million, a car, a record deal and many other great prizes
Congrats Girl

R.I.P Chidinma and Cd John

Chidinma of Koko Mansion

Comedian Cd John 

The  car CD John had the accident
     I'm so sorry i have been away. I noticed something here and was trying to rectify it.This week was indeed a cocktail of emotions for me.I was trying to digest the death of talented comedian CD John when the death of 22 year old Chidinma of reality show the koko mansion came in. I actually got an SOS message on my BM asking that anyone with a specific blood type leaving in Kaduna should help save a life. Had the intention of appealing to you guys the following day, little did I know  it will be too late.      These deaths brings up alot of issues concerning the state of our roads, the negligence in our hospitals and even our
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Kids Will Have A Better Life With Their Dual Citizenship.....Oge Okoye

Nollywood actress Oge Okoye  may have been away for a while, but she is back and ready to take over the movie world.The actress who just returned from London where she had her second baby granted an interview recently.In it she talks about her husband thinking she was a prostitute, her kids, her clothing line and what she will not do in he movie industry this year because she thinks it's degrading.Excerpts ....
Why did you choose to have your baby in London? I feel more at ease in London than any other country. Don’t forget that I was born there too. Besides, I want a better life for my kids.
Does it have something to do with the citizenship thing? Of course yes. I am a British too. I just want a good life for them when they get older and also for them to be able to move around the world freely without hiccups. I believe they will have a better life with their British citizenship.
Are you saying you don’t believe or have faith in Nigeria?
I just know that the step I took for my kids on their nationality is the best for them. I know what I am doing honestly. Nigeria is a good country and there is hope of it becoming better but I have my reasons. My kids will all have British citizenship. 
As a married woman with your hubby not always around, does he feel comfortable with the clubbing habit?
As a matter of fact, whenever he is in town we go clubbing together. He lives abroad and I grew up in London too, so we both have
more after the jump

Blazin Hot Video .... Nollywood Hustlers Trailer

Watch it after the jump.

The Politics of "Our Time". Written by eLDee.

Integrity requires three steps: discerning what is right and what is wrong; acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong." – Stephen L Carter
Months ago, before the 2011 voter registration exercise began in Nigeria some of us were very excited as we saw this as an opportunity to effect the much-needed change in our country. I geared up and began non-partisan campaigns aimed at youths in Nigeria to ensure that they register, vote, and protect their votes. I spent at least four to six hours everyday campaigning on social network platforms, TV/Radio, and print media. My team and I did everything we could from explaining the process, to following people on twitter who posted pictures of their registration cards, to giving away cellphone airtime and even went as far as helping local INEC officials with some of the technical difficulties they faced at the commencement of the registration exercise.

We are currently working on an incidence
more after the jump

Picture Of The Day

Uti Nwachukwu, Terry G's Mum and Terry G

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Screen Siren Elizabeth Taylor Is Dead

Screen siren and fashion icon Elizabeth Taylor is dead.The actress who was aged 79 died in the early hours of Wednesday as a result congestive heart failure."She was surrounded by her children – Michael Wilding, Christopher Wilding, Liza Todd and Maria Burton," Taylor's publicist, Sally Morrison, said in a statement. In addition to her children, Taylor is survived by 10 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
   The actress who rarely granted interviews granted Harper's Bazaar what may have been her last magazine interview in Feburary this year ( afew days to her 79th birthday).
 A stunning beauty with mesmerizing violet eyes and a double set of eyelashes, Taylor was catapulted to superstardom as a child, though she lived larger than life both on screen and off even long after she had retired from movies and became a perfume mogul.
The beauty was not only known for her string of movie roles and generous charitable contributions: Her storied personal life, which included eight marriages and seven husbands, added to Taylor’s status as a true Hollywood legend.
Her other husbands (before Burton) were hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, actor
more after the jump

If Aaliyah Was Alive, She’d Be “Neck And Neck” With Beyoncé......Ginuwine

Guess years after her death, talented singer and hip hop icon Aaliyah is still being compared with new artists today. R & B singer and friend Ginuwine, says it’s nothing to shun. “Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” he says. “I think everyone should aspire to be someone great, and that was one of the greats. Aaliyah was one of the great ones.”
“Aaliyah was in a class by herself,” Ginuwine tells The BoomBox. “If you’re talking
more after the jump

Nadia Buari Dropped By Her International Agency

This is definitely not the best of times for Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari. The beautiful actress has been in the news for the wrong reasons.First it was the controversy over the 'Oscar DE La Renta' dress she wore to the Pan African Film festival,  now rumour
more after the jump

I Am Feeling........ Award Winning Author 'Myne Whitman'

   When i see Nigerians and indeed Africans doing extremely well i am always very proud.When they are role models to young people...I brag about them. One person who i am definitely feeling right now is award winning author 'Myne Whitman'.
      Myne Whitman is a Nigerian author based in the United States who writes romantic fiction under this pen name. She was born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria, where she spent most of her time, studying, reading and daydreaming or climbing trees and playing with the boys. She has a Master’s degree in Public Health Research but has chosen her childhood dream of spinning stories. Myne writes and blogs full-time, and volunteers as an ESL tutor for a local charity. She critiques with the Seattle Eastside Writers Meet-up and is a
more after the jumpmember of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

Wole Aboderin has stalked me for six years and taken my name to different celestial pastors – Oyin Adenuga

Oyin Adenuga
Wole Aboderin

Oyin Adenuga is one of the pretty daughters of Otunba Mike Adenuga. Last year there were rumours round town that she was engaged to be married to man about town, Wole Aboderin. Oyin who never speaks with the press, broke her rule and spoke with a City People reporter about the engagement saga.
There was a time news broke that you were engaged to one Wole Aboderin, it was later denied, what happened?
Oyin: “I was in Atlanta last year June when I got a call from a friend in Nigeria saying there was a newspaper article written about me that I was engaged to a Mr. Wole Aboderin. At first I thought it was a joke. My friend had to take a picture using her phone to show me the article. When I saw it, I was

more after the jump

Blazin Hot Video ..... Bracket...... Muah Muah

Check out the video after the jump.

Chris Brown Loses Temper on Good Morning America

A raging and shirtless Chris Brown stormed out of Good Morning America's Times Square studio Tuesday, a source confirms to PEOPLE.
"He was visibly upset and appeared livid after the interview," the source said, of Brown's being asked about his 2009 felony assault case involving his then-girlfriend Rihanna.
During an interview pegged to the release of his new album F.A.M.E., Brown, 21, told GMA anchor Robin Roberts, "It's
more after the jump

Friday, 18 March 2011


D’banj recently launched Koko Mobile. The mobile phone is now available for purchase in various locations across Lagos and is sponsored by First Bank Nigeria.

The phone is currently priced at about N9,800 and has the following features:
Memory Card
FM Radio
MP3/ MP4
Latest D’banj and Mo’Hits songs and videos
Facebook, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz, Opera
First Bank Mobile Application
N500 free account opening at First Bank

Bill Cosby To Russell Simmons “Get The F*ck Out My Face”

Well it seems veternan comedian Bill Cosby is not a fan of hip hop and fashion mogul Russel Simmons. The whole thing stared back in 2009 . Bill Cosby is no happy with Russell after he gave his opinion on his “State of Emergency” project. Russell stated that he felt as though Bill was too
judgmental of black folks, especially
more after the jump 

Nigerian Named Hottest Break Out Star Of 2011 by Rolling Stone Magazine

   Nigerian born British rapper Tinie Tempah(his birth name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu Jr) has just been named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the hottest breakout stars of 2011.The rapper who  performed at the just concluded Thisday Arise Fashion show was dubbed the 'hottest export' by the magazine.The rapper credits his
more after the jump and see who else made the list

Baby News

Bella Disu and her husband
It is a season of babies.From Bella Disu who is rumoured to have given birth yesterday

Basket Mouth and Elsie
to basket mouth's wife who is also rumoured to have something in the oven.
Oluchi and Orlandi Luca (her husband)
And super model Oluchi .This is according to what is being speculated after she was sighted at the just concluded Thisday Arise fashion show with what looked like a baby bump.
Congratulation to all the Mamas.

Picture Of The Day

An aspiring musician,she is the grand daughter of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley and her mum is Grammy award singer Lauryn Hill. Her name is Selah Marley

Ok! Nigeria To Launch Soon

Well according to the net, British mag,Ok! is about to expand into the Nigerian market.It is going to be known as Ok! Nigeria and will start publishing in  July 2011.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blazin Hot Video ...New Video... Michael Jackson......Hollywood Tonight

The song was written by Teddy Riley and was inspired by some hand written notes left by the singer.The video was directed by Wayne Isham.He is the same guy that directed his 1995 video 'you are not alone'.Watch the video after the jump

Actress Nadia Buari Involved In Oscar De La Renta Dress Scandal

Nadia Buari 2nd left in the dress

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari is involved in a scandal of she said and it ain't true.The actress who attended the 19th Pan African festival looking very good allegedly released a press statement through her PR team stating that the
more after the jump

I Never Thought I Will Loose Usher....Tameka Forster

Tameka Foster, Usher’s ex, graces the cover of S2S Magazine. She speaks about her life with Usher, her drama with his mother, and how black women hated her most. Check out excerpts from her interview with S2S Magazine:

On falling in love with Usher: “At that time I would say he
more afer the jump
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