Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eedris Abdulkareem Blasts D'banj........."Fu*k D'banj"

Nigeria musician Eedris Abdulkareem blasted all the artistes and all the people that campaigned for president Goodluck during the last election.
He seized the protest  at Gani fawehinmi park,Ojota today and specifically criticised fellow colleague and Nigerian superstar,D'banj...............
      "The man wey say i dey craze because i sing Nigeria jaga jaga where him dey now inside this hardship"Na 2002 I sing Nigeria JagaJaga, na 2012 we dey so o. And all of una wey sing for Goodluck , F*ck that bastard D'banj for collecting Money from Goodluck ,God will punish you".

Truth be told Eedris will always say what is on his mind no matter who you are and he will also beat the living day light out of you if need be.......ask fellow Kennis label mate Jaywon who he allegely beat up recently,but do you think he went out of line when he openly insulted a fellow colleague?


  1. He sounds very stupid and the criticism is completely out of line.I smell envy!Dude should check his weed intake.

  2. Abeg Eedris try to be learn how to use ur mouth well. Tot with ur failed career ur brain will start work.

  3. Abeg Eedris make we hear word. Are u any better? I tot with ur failed career u will be more humble. Waiting 4 someone that will beat ur ass up

  4. Everyone has the right to express an opinion, his was just uncouth, then again the person he directed it to probably has the thick skin to take it on ss he is quoted to have said " i no be gentleman at all at all ooo"

    That said eedris yall obviously remains relevant in the music industry given that I have seen this same story in many blogs...even without any recent!

    subsidy, imf, sap, worldbank via okonjo and gej as a puppet angle? read-> long read tho ->

  5. He has a right to his opinion


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