Saturday, 10 March 2012

Susan Peters Disses Linda Ikeji Over BB Porsche On Twitter

Linda Ikeji

Susan Peters

The controversial picture
  Nollywood actress Susan Peters had a little brush with popular blogger Linda Ikeji recently over her picture that was pasted on Linda's blog .
The actress took to twitter to express her displeasure and Oh boy!! her furry knew no bounds.
Check out her tweets below.....

more tweets and Linda's response after the jump


  1. oga ooo ... linda and susan .. now tonto dike will ave something to say about linda ikeji. Failed model indeed ..

  2. Susan is just being an idiot; no wonder Nollywood films are sometimes uninspiring, when actors and actresses do not understand basic English, how would they comprehend their scripts?

    LI never said anything bad, in fact she hailed the moron. SP, if you are so important in the scheme of things, I don't see why you should be this pissed off after all, the story wasn't false.

    LI is the most successful Nigerian blogger till date, the daily volume of traffic to her site shows it; 4000+ views/day according to, she is no. 34th in Nigeria and 7,392 in the world, na beans? Can you say the same for yourself? Nonsense.

    Before your arse ever became popular, LI was and still is more popular than you, how many people visit your website in a single day?

  3. Yep,she totally tribes on putting others up to be insulted on her blog,after all she has nothing else to live for. She is not better than those she blogs about,we all still remember her trashy wys with Dan Foster. Miss Linda I wan marry by force Ikeji

  4. Linda is good at talking trash about other people.She accepts every rubbish people post on her blog about others. Useless blogger. I wonder why she didn't post this on her bog! Nice one Susan, no mind the stupid wannabe.

  5. She sabi talk others own when her own dey her body. That's what happens when single girls take on blogging as a full time job. Jealousy.

  6. Lol susan is a loser though! If the blackberry wasn't a big deal she wouldn't have taken that stupid picture. Posing with it like its a trophy.

  7. Dis susan peters is just an old fool. D person wey u dey vent for no even abuse u. Is it linda dat insultd u or her blog readers. If u r not d 1st person to buy bb why u cum take picture wit am lyk bush person. Mchew abegi go sidon rubbish!! Wanabe oshi

  8. Lmao! I love susan peters. She munched the DM apology and tweeted it. Linda Ikeji is not only a failed model she is also a hypocrite.

  9. errmm if its not painly susan, she would have ignored it..
    and for people calling linda a failed human/model, do realise she also takes d piss out of herself right, she dsnt bring anybody down..
    i know for a fact people/friends of 'celebs' and even 'celebs' themselves sends emails to bloggers to help promote the 'celebs' or stir stories..

    Susan was dead wrong for that, she should know better, hugelyyyy disappointed in her..

    Lost a follower and a fan 2day am sorry to say (and yes, it will affect her somehow, only i know how much iv watsed buying her movies)

    If beyonce and all the biggest stars in the world respond like this to every negative stories, hmmmmm!!!

    Linda didnt even insult the girl oo..

  10. To all you foolish idiots insulting Linda, Linda did not say anything bad about Susan, Susan is just using Linda as a scapegoat to insult the commenters who dissed her - obviously she doesnt have names of theese anonymous commenters so she is using Linda as a scapegoat. BUt i will say one thing this FAILED actresses who is not known for any memorable movie has just shot herself in the foot on this one. Lindas followers are not stupid , they know whom you really want to insult is them, and not Linda.

    FOOLISH RAzZ GIRL WITH NO CLASS. If you had class you would let your PR handle this. BUT U ARE STUPID YOU SHOWED UR RAZZ ass on twitter.

    I never respected her then and i dont now

  11. Linda is a fake ass bitch. Ntooooo gi

  12. this isnt about linda or susan. A star is supposed to have standards people look up can take a monkey out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the monkey. i believe the only people susan can be a role model to are back in the jungle she was dragged out of.What are we telling the world and our children, that being a "star" means you can do and say whatever to whomever we feel like once they say something not so nice about us? paah!!!! what a disappointment!!!

  13. Susan should not have ranted so much.

    And Linda is a dumb hypocrite, she actually praised Susan on her post but the truth is that she indirectly instigates her readers to diss people she puts up.

    Anon 01:52 so now u don't want peeps to talk about Lindas past abi, but she can expose others eh? Please let's be fair. What you do to others is likely to be done to you. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, I have been through her blog a couple of time and I see a lt of trashing going on about peeps even involving their private lives,families and work. It's just not fair. How come she apologized to Susan secretly not expecting that Susan will make it public. Shame on her as far as am concerned.

  14. ano 1.52 you are more than a bastard and a bigger idiot like ur hypocrite Idol Linda Ikeji, it is ok for linda to expose people life history when she is no angel, you should just go and die foolish ignoramus, Yeoal why did you remove my comment, you are all hypocrites and are scared of linda, it is ok for her to post evil things about people forgetting that people like me know her life history.

    1. Haba!!! I am not taking sides here.... Just dat I don't think Linda's family should be dragged into this.

    2. Her family? I'm in defence of Anon who pasted that story. Have you seen how she slanders people and their own families on her blog? I can't stand that moron. Fake Miss Perfect. She has dirty hands yet she's happy to put up pictures/stories and let her naive followers abuse them. I'm glad this happened to her maybe it will cut her to size since she thinks she's larger than life.

  15. susan monkey dey vex and lin dey form good girl.
    live a good descent life ppl!!!

  16. now make una tell me, all these people wey dey insult Linda. wat did she do? abi no be the same Susan wey use her new bb-blabla to pose take snap, and make una tell me if Linda insulted her. look y´all this is a blog and she does her job preety gud so Susan all those insult wey u insult Linda must go back to u.

  17. Shut up sweetc. You are now her voltron? KMT.


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