Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Michelle Obama Shows Alot Of Skin In Her Prom Picture

That dude is not Obama and mieeennnn!! that slit is high.


  1. The pix is very nice. What if she showed a lot of skin? People should for once mind their biz and for crying out this pix was taken wen she was in high school.
    Haters,leave the woman alone she is doing a good job unlike some other 1st lady we all know......

  2. Madam P u mean..... 4get it, d slit is high. She even said it when she was on Ellen.

  3. must say, mich is a very stylish woman, seen loads of her picture especially the picture of her wearing duro olowu, that woman knows how to rock her her body. lurv her to bits.
    thanks for visiting my blog,and leaving those sweet comments.
    do ve a great day. :-)

    1. Yeah!! She is extremely stylish... I think the most stylish first lady right now.
      My absolute pleasure.


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