Monday, 30 April 2012

Nigerian Rappers Love Models: Pics Of Nigerian Rappers And Their Model Girlfriends / Wives

Long lean legs, captivating eyes , they have the ability to captivate and hold onlookers spellbound with every gaze and move.Rappers like Killz(Ikechukwu), M.I, Naeto C and even Nollywood actor / rapper Jim Ikye have all been hooked by these amazing beauties. Check out pics of  Nigerian rappers and their model wives/girlfriends.

M.I n Erica Okundaye

Erica is the past runner up Miss Nigeria. This graduate of  Benson Idahosa University is a stunner any day.She is  engaged to  dating rapper M.I and people claim they want to keep their relationship hush hush.Unfortunately they couldn't keep it on the down low for too long as people got wind of an alleged proposal.
Nicole 'n' Naeto C
Ten over Ten rapper Naeto C most definitely feels complete with this stunner Nicole on his arm. Nicole  has  modelled for various designers like Zara. They took their relationship a step further by performing traditional marriage rites which the white wedding coming later this year.
One striking thing about this couple however is the uncanny resemblance.

more rappers and their stunners after the jump

Ikechukwu and Sarah Ofilli
 She is hot and he has that lovely six pack going can not deny the wonderful eye candy they both make as a couple. Sarah Ofilli is not just a model but she is also a beauty blogger.
According to gossip that was strong at that time , she is the 'rumoured reason' why Ikechukwu and D'banj quarrelled last year. Her public outburst that she can never have anything to do with D'banj only fueled the rumour further.

Jim Iyke and Kenturah
Nollywood actor/rapper/designer Jim Iyke (yeah! he used to rap. You can't remember? Not even his song with 2face? Dang! Well, he used to rap) has an eye for beautiful things and it is no surprise that Jamaican born beauty Kethurah caught his eye.
This hot model is rumored to be working on a sex enhancement pill called 'Sensual Turah'.

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