Friday, 27 April 2012

Untouched Pictures Of The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2012 Final Contestants

MISS ABIA- Onuoha Glory

MISS ABUJA-Ifeoma Umeokeoke
 The 25th edition of MBGN (2012) is taking place on May 5th at Best Western Homeville Hotel, Benin City, Edo State and the un-airbrushed (wonder if there is a word like that...lool!!) pictures of the contestants have been released.

MISS ANAMBRA-Elsie Anuli Dike
Good thing it's happening in Edo State. Ok I'm sure you guys know who I will be rooting for, scroll through the pics and tell me who you feel should win the crown.

MISS ADAMAWA-Ofomah Chisokwue

MISS AKWA IBOM- Esther Ephraim

MISS BAUCHI-Okolo Obianuju

MISS BAYELSA- Isaiah Inara Anthonia

MISS BENUE-Aghedo Oses

MISS BORNO-Kelly Ochuko
More pictures after the jump.


MISS DELTA-Tiffany Anabelle Davies

MISS EBONYI-Abana Onyeka

MISS EDO-Omobhude Omoye Mary

MISS EKITI-Egbe Rejoice Okeken


MISS GOMBE-Igebu Antonette
MISS NIGER-Chidueme Vivian Ifeoma

MISS IMO-Nsofor Gail Anulika
MISS KOGI-Charity Chinenye Obior
MISS KEBBI-Uju Chimezi

MISS OGUN-Majoro Winifred

MISS KADUNA- Joyce Ngozi Chidebe

MISS LAGOS- Chinaka Olorunsola Nkechi

MISS NASARAWA-Hadassah Emike Benso

MISS ONDO-Okereke Barbara Uhenna

MISS OSUN-Okafor Christabel Nkechinyere

MISS OYO-Ezenwa Augusta Chioma

MISS PLATEAU-Elshammah Enadelo Igbanoi

Miss Rivers --Charles-granville Damiete

MISS TARABA-Onuoha Grace

MISS YOBE-Oyenmwosa Allwell Omoregie


  1. everyone is cute except, miss abuja,benue,cross river, delta,ebonyi, kebbi

    1. Pls whatever you are smoking, I need to meet your dealer. LMFAO. Smh tho.

  2. A whole load of pretty girls! Miss Delta is Helen Prest-Ajayi's daughter. Like mother like daughter and i hope she wins. Igbo girls like beauty contests oh (not meant in a bad way.)

    1. Miss Delta looks older than my mother, and my mum's 47. Pls take several seats. Thank u.

    2. Yeah! U R right. Wen I saw d pics her face struck a cord. She is all grown up now n as pretty as her mum.

    3. Trust me Tiffany is much prettier than this in person. This picture isn't her best. Now you take several seats! Thank you.

  3. Its btwn gombe, abj n rivers

  4. Miss Rivers is the most beautiful of all... Natural hair. That's a winner anyday. These ladies need to chill with the horse hair nau. Weaves are extensions not 'COVER THE REAL DEAL'. C'mon ladies... Rivers, minimal makeup, real hair pulled up. Now that's gorgeous. Wanna know a beautiful woman? Tell her to pull her hair up. Nuff said.

  5. Miss Plateau is so fine.
    Miss Kwara reminds me of Adaeze Yobo.
    Miss Rivers; a finer version of Ini Edo.
    If only some of these eyebrows can be properly groomed and shaped, they will change how some of their faces look. For some, they look older and quite artificial.

  6. Ehen!!So Miss Delta is Helen Prest's daughter.Talk about keeping it in the family. Hope they will not cheat for her oh!! Anyway come Sunday next week we will know.

  7. Go delta,go go gal.

  8. MGBN na back for ground, title for hand. If she wins i hope she's not done that oh! Mummy's influence perhaps.

  9. Hi from Ghana!

    Best shots at it: Rivers, Imo, Bayelsa and ABJ... I have to ask, how old are some of these women?


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