Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Topic Of The Day: Are Women Putting Undue Financial Pressure On Their Partners?

1 Dubai trip = 1 plot of land
 1 Brazilian hair = 68 bags of cement
 1 Handbag = 10 Tankers of water
 1 Quality shoe = 1 Trailer of sand
 1 BB Torch = 1500 Blocks
 Just these are enough to build a 2-bedroom flat.Ladies PLEEEASE let your husband/boyfriend be a LANDLORD for once.

I saw this on my Facebook wall yesterday . I must confess when I saw it ,I laughed at first, but then it got me thinking.
Men are we putting undue pressure on you guys and ladies are some of us being unreasonable with our demands?


  1. Yes oh!!! Nigerian women should start platting chuku n thread. Better still barb abolo. That is how we wud know the ladies dat r actually fine. Look @ amber rose.

  2. Whoever wrote dis deserves a big pat on the back. Ah ah!!! Women r 2 materialistic.They want 2 milk us dry.

    Black King

  3. The thing is if you don't do it someone else will come and do it. So who loses?


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