Friday, 26 October 2012

The Boobs In This Picture Are Not Mine ......Cossy Orjiakor

The picture of a lady holding some bottles with her boobs have been circulating the internet. Some people automatically believed that the lady in the picture is Nollywood actress/singer Cossy Orjiakor. Well she has denied the story'' According to Cossy the boobs are not hers. She however commended the owner . According to her the 'babe gat talent'. I agree with  her on that one.

If you want to see the 'talented babe', it is after the jump, otherwise if you do not want to see bad bad things, please move to the next post *naughty grin*.

1 comment:

  1. Bamboza!!! Dis lady has skills. I wonder what does things can old apart from bottles. Bia bia! Cossy those giant watermelons r urs. Can't u c they r yellow like ur own?


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