Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Gloria broke her home not Thelma Ozy Smith.... I hate people to try my endurance"......Actress, Gloria Mba's Husband 'Leo' Fires Back

I’m sure you guys know the gist of how Nollywood Actress Gloria Mba’s marriage to her US based husband Leo Kanu was allegedly broken up by her best friend Thelma Ozy Smith.
The male actor in this drama, Gloria’s husband Leo, got wind of the story and sent  series of mails to gossip writer Stella Dimoko Korkus. Read excerpts from the mails below 

The first mail read....
“Stella why not hear from me before publisihing. I know that you are aware that every coins have two sides.

“Next Time pls hear from both sides before making any decision or writing. Gloria broke her home not Thelma Ozy Smith. Pls the information is completely wrong, thank you”.

Excerpts from another unedited mail.....

“Stella can still publish my own story, really? And you think I will give you a bullet to shoot at me? You know if this have been in USA, I would have 

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file a law suit, that probably would have short down your magazine, but pls do not go further anymore. I hate people to try my endurance. I’ve been in America 26 years and was 17 when I came to USA. Pls you don’t want to cross me, thank you”.



  1. Dead @ dis interview. Is it desperation or d need 4 papers making our ladies go anyhow men? Abeg Mba dust ur body n move on. Both of them r not worth ur time.

  2. So this is d person dey r fighting over. Mr u have lived in d US since whenever. Shame on U. Ur wife's best friend. Truly, they said d people closest 2 u, r d people dat will hurt U.


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