Wednesday, 9 January 2013

54 Year Old Man With An Amazing Body Was Inspired by His 33 Year Old Wife

54-year-old Donovan Nelson has one of the best bodies I have seen. He wants to keep up with his 33 year old wife and according to him exercise alone won't help him so, he opted to undergo a treatment called VASER high def. According to him, 'I do get told I look very young for my age. I once got stopped at passport control as the officer didn't believe it was me, because of my age.'
His body before the procedure

The new results after the jump (it's not safe for work)

Donovan also had a pec implant a few years ago and is keen to have more treatment on his lower abdomen next as he wants more definition there.The procedure cost £10,000.

£10,00? That's alot of money. Do you guys see your self undergoing this treatment anytime soon or in future?

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  1. He looks good. He even looks younger than his wife


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