Saturday, 5 January 2013

Denrele Edun Confirms Karen Igho's Physical Assault Story....Sets The Record Straight on His Se*x*ua*lity....."I'm Just A Se*xu*al Outlaw"

Celebrity OAP Denrele Edun granted BellaNaija an interview recently where he talked about his family "the transport money" former first lady of Lagos State Remi Tinubu gives him after every interview, his sexuality and what really went down during the Sminroff show where reality star/OAP and good friend Karen Igho was slapped. Excerpts.......

A few weeks ago, Karen Igho was allegedly slapped at an event by a mobile policeman. It was reported she attended that event to support you. What really happened there?
I’m not going to deny that, I was the one who invited her. During the show, she came backstage to meet me and said “Denrele when are you bringing me on stage?” I said “Soon, you must come and do small craze for me”. That was the last conversation we had before the incident. I think she wanted to

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go to her car to touch up. I was even looking for her and when I didn’t see her, I had to introduce the last act for the night. Later my cousin who was with her when it happened ran to call us. Everybody was livid with rage including the Smirnoff officials and security guards. I had to calm her down and got someone to take her home. She was really distraught. By the next day, it was all over social media and people kept asking me what I did about it.

I have to ask too. What did you do about it?
I’m not going to go into details on what I did but I did make a lot of calls and the person who committed the act has been called to order. They have fished out the person. Smirnoff and the agency handling security for them are looking into it.

On a lighter note, your relationship status and sexuality has been a hot topic on some media platforms with some alleging that you’re gay…
I am very single, I’m searching and ready to mingle. A lot of people brought up that sexuality issue. When you are in this industry, people tend to look for loopholes. I am just a sexual outlaw, very adventurous. People have judged from my dressing and my effeminate nature.

How would you describe your ideal woman?

I love heels on a woman, that is why I have a thing for models. I’ve dated a lot of models. I love to see women strut in heels. I love women who can strike up a very good conversation. I like someone I can go to the salon with and we are washing our hair together and she is not freaking out or saying what her friends are thinking of the fact that I’m under a dryer. I love a woman who has a good sense of style and not somebody who would try to change me. And also a woman who would not be threatened by the female friends that I have because I have loads of female friends.

Nice to know that there are still friends who genuinely care about each other. The interview was refreshingly fun and candid.

It's official!!. I'm inlove with Denrele ; the only problem is that I wouldn't want my boo following me to the saloon to get his hair done. That is for me and my girls!. So unfortunately I don't fit his specs.  Loool!!

Guys please move over to BellaNaija for the full interview. I promise you, it will be worth your time.

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  1. Same here. I love this Derele Boi to bits. I was at a house party recently and he was all over the place, serving us drinks and food and ensuring we were all comfy.
    That's a star there. No airs and graces whatsoever.


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