Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ene Maya Lawani Got Her Car Gift From Her Boo Mr John Obayuwana

Ene Lawani, John Obayuwana and Ojy Okpe @ Ojy's Christmas Party

Remember I gave you guys the gist of how former beauty queen Ene Maya Lawani got a brand new 2013 BMW 5 series car gift from a friend yesterday (if you missed the gist, click here sharply!!...loool!!).

Well it turns out that this "friend" is the CEO Polo Ltd John Obayuwana. He already got her a Benz 550 G wagon.

It turns out that the 28 year old beauty queen has been dating Mr Obayuwana for 6 years and they are said to be crazily in love with each other. Damn!!! She is one lucky lady.

Mr John is Dbanj's girlfriend, Jennifer Obaywana's dad.


  1. wow!! Ene is lucky oh!! She the way her life has transformed. John sure loves her.

  2. Ene is 28? How is dat remotely possible. I always thought she was in her 40s and I'm not trying to be mischevious here.

    1. U have found ur way here. So u lost ur way to the other post. Unknown Oshi!

  3. Ene's 2013 BMW 5 series gift was made public as the friend gave Isabella Ayuk a Cartier watch and started a fashion line for like he did for Ene. 6 years dating Ene and 1 year dating Isabella.Their lives have been transformed? Where is the marriage?


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