Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"I Knew Devon Was My Husband Before He Asked Me Out"......Megan Good

[We dated] 10 months before we got married. It was one of those things were I knew he was my husband nine months before we he even asked me on a date. So I had prayed on it and I had got confirmation and God was dealing with me on some issues that I had that I needed to work through and so when we got together, I knew and I just was waiting for it. When I told [my big sister in the business] Tasha Smith, “DeVon is my husband”, She was like, “you know he’s celibate right. Like for real celibate.” I said, ‘I am too’ [but] It was only a couple of months. I was getting myself together.

A man that allows you grow, knows your sometimes dirty  past  is the man for you. I don't think that man will ever leave you.
 The only thing is the issue of knowing  a man is your husband before he even asked you out. What if he had been taken?

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