Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"I Moved To Calabar To Care For My Mum Who is Bedridden"......Shan George

Nollywood Diva Shan George surprised people when she announced that she would be moving to Calabar recently. Some people assumed that she relocated to the city to take up a political appointment but, the actress has revealed that is not the reason. In an interview she granted recently, the actress revealed that she moved to Calabar to take care of her mum who is seriously ill.......

“My beloved aged mother has been sick since March 2012. She’s been bedridden with a terminal illness. As an only child, it falls on me to stay with her till the end, so to make it less burdensome; I had to relocate to Calabar to take care of her. So for now, I just want to be with my mum and look after her. Whatever happens after that is in God’s hands.”

When she was asked about the possibility of getting a political appointment there, this was here response.....

“I won’t make a good politician, I’m too brutally honest,”

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  1. I wish ur mum speedy recovery.


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