Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Secret For Fighting Stretch Marks.......It's Cheap And Is Found In Nigeria

It's Bio-Oi!!l.

According to the reality star...
'It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretchmarks over my body,'.

If you are in Nigeria, depending on the size, you can get it for between N1,500 to N2,700. 
The only strange thing is that I have tried this product before and it did not do anything .. Maybe they mixed my own with "Ororo". *shrugs shoulders*


  1. omg. this is soooo true. buy the original Bio-Oil from any Kudi store or Health plus. the ones with NAFDAC number. my company is d official sole -selling agent of Bio-Oil in Nigeria, so i know. It's an amazing product that if used right, does wonders for the skin. i know this, i have tried it, and it works! it gets rave reviews in every country that it's been established. S.A, U.S, U.K etc. *smiling* Contact me for more info.
    pls visit and follow my blog-

    1. Chi Chi,this ur marketing strategy nah waya oh!! :-) I won't loose hope then. I will try the places u mentioned above. If I find it difficult getting it, I'll definitely disturb you.:D

  2. Abeg i can swear by ori, and for kim it didnt work all nah marketing strategy cos i saw a recent photo of her and she stil has d stretch marks joor. i had twins and i dnt hve one stretch mark on my body not one ori all true my pregnancy and all over my body. ori can b bought for between 100 naira and above. u wld b amazed bio oil doesnt work abeg

  3. lol @Yeoal, No wahala. @Talatu, Ori is good, and Bio-Oil is also good, however we all know that skin type, application, health, etc, all play a part in the way anything works on our various skins.


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