Saturday, 12 January 2013

Majek Fasek Abducted by Unknown People

Reggae Musician Majek Fashek is currently in the hospital. According to the CEO of  his management company A-Plus Entertaiment, Hajia Oluremi Dangaji Majek Fashek went missing sometime in December last year only to return a few days back looking pale and haggard.....

“While the nightmare lasted, Majek’s former manager called to inform us that he was hospitalised in Lagos. But later, we found out that he was whisked away by one of his friends, to Ghana, who wanted to force him to sign concert deals outside the shores of the country without the consent of his management company.”

Haija said, while in Ghana, Majek’s conscience did not allow him to do the bidding of his captors, as he decided to return to the country.

At the moment, she said, Majek has gone back to his old lifestyle. “He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, he is hospitalised. We are trying to stabilize his condition. That’s why we deemed it fit to intimate you about the ugly development,” 

According to Hajia, her company has spent over N35 million on Majek Fashek and his latest album  will soon be released.

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