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My Favourite Celebrity Couples of 2012

This article was written by moi me but published on Information Nigeria.

Love is a very beautiful thing. When an oath of marriage is taken by a couple, it is meant to last forever. Unfortunately not all marriages are able to stand the test of time. These couples have not only shown the beauty of love, they live it.

(5) President Goodluck and Patience Jonathan....."Love is indeed Patient"

No as* kissing...just straight talk. Our president and his wife have come a very long way together’. Despite everything, they are still together.

 Please don’t ask me to elaborate on what I’ve just written.....if they could make it work, then they should be celebrated.

(4) Olu Jacobs and Joke Sylvia.... “Both parties have their parts to play (50-50)”

Nollywood power couple Joke and Olu Jacobs have been married for about 25 years. The 19 year difference between both of them, has not in any way affected their marriage negatively. Joke Sylvia in a recent interview expressed her reservations about the notion that women alone make a marriage work.......

“I find it very irritating and annoying when pastors say, “Now, make sure you take care of your husbands.” I just wish they can make everything equal. They make it seem like the entire marriage is on the woman and that is wrong! I think putting the Lord in your marriage is the bottom line and both parties have their parts to play (50-50) and I would expect that when the pastor or priest is talking, they should sound that way”.

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(3) Betty and Sony Irabor......"Marry For All The Right Reasons"

They have to be most glamorous couple in Nigeria right now. They make marriage look easy , but according to Betty Irabor, marrying for the right reasons, Jesus Christ and the words “I am sorry” go a long way in making any marriage easy.

“A marriage where couples don’t communicate and bear grudges is likely to be an unhappy one. Talk it over and don’t keep digging up the past. Forgive…forgive…forgive. What I know for sure is that Christ is the foundation of a good marriage. Having said that, I would like to add that when the time comes for anyone to choose a life partner, choose a partner who is not embarrassed to say “I am sorry” when he is wrong and never makes you feel small so he can appear taller. Marry for all the right reasons and never for what you can get out of it when you haven’t put anything in”.

(2) Omotola and Capt. Ekeinde.......... “If I had not married him, I would not have married anyone else.”

Rumour after rumour, 16 years down the line; this couple has defied the odds and have stuck together proving to all that they are inseparable.

Edo State born Capt. Ekeinde has proven to be a strong shoulder for Omotola to lean on. According to the actress, she is not bothered by scandals because according to her, her husband is very understanding.

She has also revealed that she was attracted to him because of his maturity.

“I was attracted to him because of his maturity. I saw the ability for him to see me. I mean, he knows me more than I know myself”.

“If I had not married him, I would not have married anyone else.” Well we see that they are truly made for each other.

(1) 2face and Annie Idibia...."Love Endures all"

Patience, tolerance, compassion; love is nothing without these qualities and no couple exemplifies these more than the Idibias. So many years and drama down the road, this power couple finally tied the knot this year. No other Nigerian celebrity couple has shown the true meaning of unconditional love like this couple.

I love the fact that Annie has embraced the Idibia kids and she knows she has a role to play in their lives.

My favourite quote from this couple was credited to Annie in a recent interview......

‘You know my husband is the finest man alive. I have to always look good‘.

Yep!! This is the list of my favourite couples of 2012. They make marriage look easy.

I however noticed a trend; two men on this list are way older than their wives; Olu Jacobs and Capt. Ekeinde.
Does getting married to an obviously older man guarantee happiness in a marriage?

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  1. I still like the first couple President Barrack and Madam Michelle.

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