Thursday, 17 January 2013

Star Of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' Zyang Ziyi Accused Of Getting £1 million Per Night As A Pro*stit*ute

Reports have surfaced alleging that Chinese born Hollywood actress Zyang Ziyi made millions of Pounds from pro*stitu*tion. The actress starred in Hollywood blockbusters like Rush Hour 2, House Of Flying Daggers and Memoirs Of A Geisha and the Oscar nominated movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

According to reports she slept with some powerful Chinese men in exchange for huge sums of money. One of the names that was prominent in the report is powerful Chinese politician Bo Xilai, who she allegedly got £1 million from each time they 'met'. According to the story, she allegedly slept with Bo at least ten times between 2007 and 2011

They were said to have been introduced by powerful businessman Xu Ming who she also

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 allegedly slept with for £600,000 for the first time in 2007.  Mr Xu  claims he paid Miss Zhang a total of £18million 

Ms Ziyi is said to have made £64million by pros*titu*ting herself to different powerful Chinese men.

There are also reports that the film star dodged paying tax because of her relationship with powerful Chinese politicians.

Word has it  that the Chinese government has refused to allow Miss Zhang to leave the country while the relevant authorities investigates the story. This in turn has sparked rumours that this may be the reason why she was absent from this year’s Cannes film festival to promote her latest film, a new version of Dangerous Liaisons.

The actress has denied the claims through her publicist. Excerpt from his statement......

‘It sent stone-cold chills down our spines and has left us with a feeling of deep sadness. Why should this devoted and responsible actress have to suffer this kind of slander and defamation?’


  1. That means it's not only in Naija dat our actresses do runz.

    1. Acting is a dirty industry worldwide.

  2. Nuella should come n c her master. All these Nollywood actresses r leaners.

  3. Bo Xilai again? The guy is so notorious.


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