Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Taiwo Aromokun Reveals Why Nigerian Actresses Marry Men Based Outside Nigeria

 The actress who got married quietly in December last year, granted an interview recently where she talked about her secret marriage and the trend of Nigerian actresses getting hitched to foreign based men. Excerpts...........
On why Nollywood actresses date men who are not based in the country.......
 Nigeria based  based guys have a stupid mentality about Nigerian actresses. They believe actresses are prostitutes.Most of them just want to date them and dump them later. They will start broadcasting that they
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had dated this and they had dated that person. Another reason is because they do not understand the terrain very well. Most of them stop their spouses from acting after marriage. That is why people go for guys based abroad.

When she was asked why she opted for a secret wedding, this was her response.....
I don't know why people are saying it was a secret wedding. I had a low key wedding. I just tried to reduce the number of people that came. I had a ceremony we could afford. Maybe people expected me to invite the whole of Lagos. How do I cater for them? I am not an outgoing person. I don't attend events, so I invited the people who would honour me.

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