Tuesday, 1 January 2013

"The Chaos in Nigeria May Be A Sign of The End Time".........President Jonathan

“I was just wondering, could this be a clear way of telling us that the end times are so close?”
Some Christians believe in the idea of chaos in connection with the second coming of Jesus Christ, commonly referred to as the “end times”. Such beliefs are based on passages in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation.
“If the idea of Boko Haram is to stop Nigerians from worshipping God, they will not succeed,” he said.
“If the idea of Boko Haram is to stop government from providing the dividends of democracy, they will not succeed…. God willing and with our commitment, the excesses of Boko Haram and other criminal organisations will be brought to a reasonable control.”

President Jonathan is quoted to have made the above statements at the Evangelical Christian church service in Abuja by AFP.

Is he right?

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