Friday, 4 January 2013

This is How Rapists Should Be Treated in Nigeria..........Indian Politician Beaten by Villagers After Raping A Woman

Reports have it that an Indian politician was beaten by villagers after allegedly raping a woman in her home at 2am.

The Congressman who is a member of Assam's ruling party Congress, Bikram Singh Brahma, allegedly raped a woman at Santipura village in lower Assam's Chirang district before being caught by villagers today.

'People raised an alarm after Congress leader Bikram Singh Brahma allegedly raped a woman,' Chirang Superintendent of Police Kumar Sanjeev Krishna told the Deccan Chronicle.

He is said to have been visiting the

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village of Santipur on the Bhutan border when he entered a woman's house and raped her.

Brahma, who is the Baksa district Congress Committee chairman and Congress coordinator of Bodoland Territorial Council, was then beaten up by men and women who ripped his clothes off.

He was later handed over to the police who arrested him,Superintendent Krishna said.

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, said anyone found guilty of the heinous crime 'would not be spared, whether he is Congressman or not.'

......And I believe what the Chief Minister said. Unlike our country where rape victims are made to believe they asked for it (look at how the ABSU rape case was swept under the carpet), rape is not treated with levity in India.

Case in point.....the unfortunate story of a girl that was raped in India. The boys have been charged with murder, at least that is a positive step in the right direction. It shows they are not playing in India. And it's because the whole country condemned the act. 

The beating and humiliation of the politician by the villagers shows that the condemnation of rape starts with the community!.

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  1. He had it coming...


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