Monday, 4 February 2013

"Don't Let Go Of The Girl That Disobeys Her Parents To Please You"......Paul Okoye

Errrmmm!!! I have a problem with ladies doing "mumu" to  please their men. How about the tables being turned for once. The guys should also do some "mumu" things.


  1. sorry dear,as a blogger u should know psquare officially left twitter last year

    1. Nope! This is his Facebook Page.Besides, they are still on Twitter.

  2. Maybe it is just me but I wonder y ladies have to lose their self respect to prove to their men that they are keepers. It makes no sense! Any man who puts his lady through hell, has nos elf confidence and does not deserve her!!

  3. Ds is nija babe open yah eye and mumu fr ur man o grls plenti fr outside

  4. Yes oh!!! And men also plenty for outside. Any woman that goes through all these just to prove her love, should be ready to be a slave for her man for the rest of her life.

  5. Is this 4real??? Goshhh.


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