Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kim Kardashian Arrives Nigeria........Policeman Tries To Steal The Show

Kim Kardashian arrived Lagos, Nigeria yesterday. People who expected to see Kanye with her were dissapointed  as he was a no show (I think he is the only major black American artiste that has not visited Naija yet). 

Anyway, heard she was almost mobbed at the airport. Checkout the pictures.

Am I the only one who noticed something in this picture? 

That police man is feeling like a celebrity. He is telling the photographer (with his eyes) to make sure he is in the pictures so he'll be able to brag to his friends that he was with Kim K.
He is even smiling more than the Kim K sef!.

The white man is looking at him like, dude do your job. You are not the celebrity here. So unprofessional. ....

Lool!!. Oyinbo don't be mad. Welcome to Naija. 

More pictures after the jump

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  1. yeye you,are u sure u at d arrival, cus does are private body gaurd not nigerian police, plss look well.88


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