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Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Bleaching Their Skin....Before and After Pics (Pt 1)

The art of skin lightening is as old as history itself. It is common knowledge that women (white women) painted their skin white back in the day, so they would have lighter facial complexions, given that the face is the part that the men would see first. 

Believe it or not, this very practice (of using lighter face powders/foundations) is still going on. 

I remember going to buy cosmetics about two years ago and a lady close to me turned to seek my opinion on the shade of foundation that is perfect for her skin tone. 
I told her the shade I felt will be good. Not satisfied, the lady turned to an attendant in the store, who told her the exact shade I told her initially. You guys needed to have seen me feeling funky ( in my mind though*looll!*).

All that funkiness however, turned to shock when the woman told me that she actually wanted a foundation that is lighter than her skin tone, so her skin will be "bright". I quickly masked my shock and suggested a shade lighter . She bought a foundation two shades lighter. My suggestion that it would give her a "ghost face" fell on deaf ears. So I minded my business. Wetin be my own?!.  

The above story may be shocking to some people, but the truth is that, it is small thing compared to the fact that some people allegedly inject steroids and take tablets to have lighter skin tones.

I have nothing against anyone who "takes care" of their skin, however, some people cry to high heavens when a picture of some celebs come up on blogs. Here is the first part of my list of Nigerian celebs who have been accused of bleaching their skin......
Dencia: I can't think of any Nigerian celebrity who gets bashed online for her looks like hard working and highly connected singer Dencia. That she is a beautiful lady is not in doubt, however, there have been talks that the singer surgically enhanced her God given features. 
One of the things she has been accused of doing is bleaching her skin.

Yvonne Nelson: That this Ghanaian beauty is enterprising and hard working is not in doubt. She has her own line of human hair, her boutique and she is currently working on her third movie. However, people have accused her of  undergoing a complete 360 degree change, physically. First people where shocked by her drastic weight loss, then people started talking about her alleged bleaching. When she heard talks about the  bleaching stuff, she decided to release a statement, setting the records straight that she is not. If you want to read the statement, please click here.

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Toke Makinwa: There is absolutely no celebrity whose main claim to fame is on the issue of her allegedly bleaching her skin. Some people even claim she was as black as charcoal but is now as light as a "white lady". So you can imagine my shock when I saw a picture of the OAP in her university days, and she was exactly the same she is now. Light skinned. 
Anyhoo, just like I mentioned in my previous post, I can't see any difference.

Tonto Dikeh: This eccentric, brash,  actress and singer, has been accused of alot of things and bleaching is one of them. She has not addressed the rumour, but I'm sure these pictures have.

Rukky Sanda: She is such a beauty. She has transformed into a barbie doll right before our eyes. Her skin is to die for. Some people have attributed it to bleaching, she attributes it to her "cream". In an interview she granted Bella Naija, she addressed the rumour when she said.....
"I’m light o, and I’m going to do everything I have to maintain my complexion. If they like they should call it bleaching or washing, whatever they want to call it. Me and my cream, we are best buddies. Whatever they want to say, they should continue. Me I am making money. When nobody is talking about you, then you are not doing something right."

Toyin Lawani: She has been called the supplier of bleaching creams. After looking at this picture, you can't help but to admit that she has a beautiful skin.I think I'm thinking of getting the "stuff". :-) 


  1. Dencia ohhh!! It is d last layer of her skin dat is showing. As 4 yvonne she is bleaching. Dat her startement was unnecessary.

  2. All the celebs here apart from Toke Makinwa underwent complete 360 degree wash. Kai!! Do Yvonne, Dencia and Rukky's parents still know dem @ all? As 4 toke, levels changed that is all. She only became cleaner.

  3. I Think She Look Pretty && I Wanna Know What Cream She Used Cause Omg Her Skin Is So Beautiful Now (:

    My Opinion <3

  4. Yvonne Nelson actually blocked on instangram becuase I asked if she is using Ivory Cap for her skin bleaching

  5. Yvonne Nelson actually blocked on instangram becuase I asked if she is using Ivory Cap for her skin bleaching

  6. The only person that does not look bleached in the before and after pics is Toke Makinwa. She just looks refreshed in the after pics. nothing more.

  7. Who is d writer of dis article. U know u threw mjr shade on all these celebs. Toke makinwa did not bleach indeed. Her knuckles r "living" proof. *lool*

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