Monday, 14 October 2013

"I Deflowered My Wife 3 Days After I Married Her"......Comedian, Holy Mallam

The comedian granted Punch an interview recently. Excerpts......

Why did you leave that other lady?
Holy Mallam: I was still talking to her, trying to get her to agree for us to date but she was giving me too many conditions. The process was taking too long.

When you met were you involved with another man?
Ijeoma: No. I was not

Were you a virgin at the time he met you?

Holy Mallam: She was.

Are you joking?

Holy Mallam: No. I am serious. I had already told God that I wanted to marry a virgin.

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 Is he your first lover?

Ijeoma: Yes.

Why? You had gone through secondary school, the university and then went for national youth service..

Ijeoma: I just think it is God. I gave my life to Christ when I was in Junior Secondary School. Another thing was that I am a very shy person. I dreaded the thought of going to bed with a man, telling myself that I may not be able to face him in the morning. I had male friends but our relationships did not last more than one month because along the line, the man would want intimacy as a proof of love. Then, our fellowship coordinator always cautioned us to keep ourselves pure. He would tell us that if we disobeyed God, we would get pregnant. Somebody else also told me that if a man married me as a virgin, he would appreciate me so much and give me whatever I wanted.

Was it after the wedding that you had sekks with him for the first time?

Ijeoma: Yes. It was three days after the wedding because I was too scared. But on a Monday, my husband said, ‘we can’t continue like this. I have paid and have done everything.’

Holy Mallam: It was a very big wedding. Over 1000 guests attended and I was too tired on the night of the wedding to do anything. That was a good excuse for her.

Did you have to read about how to deflower a lady?

Holy mallam: No.

Ijeoma: I read it up on the internet and was able to guide him.

You are part Hausa and Yoruba, why did you marry an Igbo lady?

Holy Mallam: My mother is from Niger State but she was born and brought up in Lagos and she speaks Yoruba fluently. I love Nigeria and I have always loved Ibo soup. But that was not why I married her. I think our union was destined.

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