Sunday, 6 October 2013

"I Prepare Meals and Wash Plates For My Wife and Kids" ....... Leo Stan Ekeh

Leo Stan Ekeh is one of the most influential people in Nigeria. He is an IT guru and is the brain behind indigenous computer company, Zinox computers.
He granted Punch an interview recently. Excepts.........

“When I get into my home, I feel fulfilled and at peace. My home gives me the kick to stay stronger and live longer. Occasionally, I

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 take over from the chef and prepare extra healthy meals for my wife and kids and then wash the plates to remind me of where I came from. The next is, I play loud music of Nigerian artistes. My house is my heaven on earth and my wife keeps to my simple five commandments.”

 “My wife is the CEO of another technology company and runs the biggest ICT distribution company in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are a digitally sensitive family.”

“I met her as a student in India. She was the only Nigerian doing mathematics in India. In life, you cannot be successful alone and you should ask God for a wife who will give you peace and who is intellectually sound to add value. My wife is my queen and I have no hidden bank account, no property on earth she does not know. We have five children and I am at peace with all.”

A rich Nigerian man without unnecessary "African man ego". Sweet. :-)

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