Saturday, 5 October 2013

Jay Z Signs Steven Speilberg's Kids To Roc Nation

Move over Willow Smith, there are some new silver spoon kids heading over to Roc Nation. They are Sasha & Theo Spielberg . They go by the musical name Wardell.
Incase you guys are wondering how come Theo is black, Steven actually adopted him. His present wife Kate, adopted him before she got married to Steven.  Steven decided to adopt him after he  got married to his mum.
They both have other passions though. While Sasha has towed her dad's line of movie production; she joined forces with Quincy Jones' daughter Rashida on a new tv show "Girls Without Boys" which they sold to ABC, her brother Theo is a DJ.
The life of get every thing you want and everything is easy for you.

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