Monday, 21 October 2013

Jeta Amata In Hot Romance With Spartacus Star Viva Bianca After Splitting From Mbong


The Nollwood actor and producer is said to be in a hot romance with Viva Bianca who plays the role of Ilithyia in TV series Spartacus after splitting from his wife of almost 5 years, Nollywood actress Mbong Amata . The pair who got married in 2008 have reportedly been living apart for about a year now. According to the gist, Mbong wanted to be a star, but Jeta wasn't giving her enough space to discover herself. She wasn't allowed to act in any movie her husband not produced by her husband. The caused them to gradually drift apart. They have reportedly gone their separate ways have even moved on.

The Nollywood producer  has a new movie in the works titled 'Road to Redemption' stars Akon, Yvonne Nelson, Ruke Amata and his current girlfriend Viva.
This is what Jeta Amata allegedly told Linda Ikeji concerning his separation.......

"Mbong is an amazing mother, an incredible wife...all the time we were together she would never let any other person cook my food...she was faithful and good to me and gave me the best gift in the world, our beautiful daughter. If I didn't cage her so much maybe we would still be together. I stole her youth and didn't let her live her dream so it was better to let her go and find new adventures. She's happy and so am I. Despite the fact that we are no longer together, we are still good friends. She even lives close to me here in LA. Things are great between us and I'm happy to see her happy."
Wow!! This is so sad. It's funny we did not see the signs.
Check out the picture of Jeta and Mbong I put up. The picture was taken in September last year at the premier of his  movie 'Black November' in New York. Their body language was a clear sign that all wasn't well with the couple. The good thing though is the fact that they are civil to each other.

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