Friday, 11 October 2013

Musician Timi Dakolo Reveals Plans To Go Into Politics


The musician granted Vanguard an interview recently where he talked about his future plans  and how he met his wife.  Excerpts.........

You want to become a politician?If God wills, I will. I will not call myself a politician, I’d rather say I want to be a leader someday. I want to work with the youths, give them that sense of belonging. If we all see this country as our own, it will work. Why it is like this has to do with the orientation problem. Someone has said it is not what we can get out of this country we should be thinking of but rather what we can give to it . This country has given me opportunity.There is a difference between a politician and a leader. People follow leaders. People follow you naturally because you have that charisma to carry them along. You have to feel their plights.

How did you meet your wife?
I met her in church. One day I was singing, I just saw one awesome lady smiling in church, House on the Rocks. She wasn’t smiling at me. I had to time her after church to meet her.

What happened afterwards?
I met her and said, my name is Timi Dakolo, she said, yes, I know you. I asked for her number and she gave it to me. When I tried

calling her it didn’t go, I thought she just played a trick on me not knowing that her phone was stolen. Every Sunday, I will be checking to see her then one Sunday, I saw her and told her she tricked me. That was when she explained that her phone was stolen. We eventually became friends.
I begged her to be my wife for a long time but she refused and insisted we should just be friends. At a point, I got angry because it was overstretching.
At what point did it dawn on you that she is your wife?
Overtime, we grew into each other and longed to see each other everyday. Sometime, she will call me to pick her from work and sometime, I will go by myself. Sometime she will come to my house to visit me. When I keep my things anyhow, she will come and arrange it. After a while, whenever she says she is coming and my things are scattered, I will arrange it myself. I used to call her madam hygiene.
What attracted you to her?
Her smile, simplicity and her drive to build. She knows the perfect things to say at the right time and she calms me down. If I am doing something that she doesn’t like, just one look from her will send the message.


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