Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nigerians Are R*ap*ed Because of Indecent Dressing.....NOI

This is according to Ngozi Okonjo Iweala  (NOI)  foundation.....

The latest poll results released by NOI Polls Limited has revealed that almost 3 in 10 Nigerians admitted to personally knowing someone who has been a victim of rape; citing stigmatisation as the main reason why many rape cases go unreported. The poll conducted on January 22nd 2013 which sampled over 500 Nigerians across the six geo-political zones of the country, also urged the government to create public awareness against rape. These were some of the findings from the latest poll results released by the Abuja-based opinion polling and research organisation.

In the light of the recent rape case in India, which has sparked widespread series of protests against rape across India and further campaigns for women’s rights in several countries,

including Nigeria; NOI Polls has sought the opinion of Nigerians regarding the prevalence, and causes, of rape in the country, as well as solutions on how to curb the incidence of rape.

Respondents to the poll were asked six questions, with the first question seeking to establish the prevalence of rape in Nigeria: To what extent is rape predominant in the Nigerian society? The majority (38%) of respondents were of the opinion that rape is predominant “To a little extent”, followed by 29% who thought that it is predominant “To a large extent”. Also, 23% of the respondents stated that rape is predominant “To a very little extent” while 9% think it is predominant in the society “To a very large extent”. Only 1% of respondents interviewed said that rape is predominant in Nigeria “To no degree at all”. Overall, 99% of Nigerians are of the opinion that rape is prevalent in the country from a very little to a very large extent. Therefore, this finding clearly highlights the prevalence of rape.
From the result, the majority of respondents (34%) were of the opinion that most prevalent cause of rape in the society is “Indecent dressing”; followed by 18% of respondents that cited “Unemployment”. Also, “Lack of moral values” and the “Inability to control sexual urge” were each cited by 9% of the respondents as the prevalent cause of rape. Other reasons mentioned by respondents include “Faulty upbringing” (7%), “Ungodliness”, “Illiteracy about women rights” and “Bad Company” (all with 5%).

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