Friday, 11 October 2013

Okwudili Umenyiora is related to American Celeb Osi Umenyiora


The owner of the magnificent house that has been trending online for the past few days,  Okwudili Umenyiora is related to New York Giants player Osi Umenyiora . The pair are brothers with Okwudili  being the older one.

He is also Nicole, Naeto C's wife's step brother.

Gist has it that he was there when Osi proposed to his girlfriend former Miss Universe Leila Lopes.

And to those vilifying him, I don't know him but this much I know, we've all done stuff. We've all made mistakes. But when someone changes, we should give the person a chance.

If you have crawled out of the cave for whatever reason you have not seen the pictures of the lovely house, check it out after the jump. And oh!! You can start imagining what your future/next house would look like.


  1. he committed a crime against the is people like him that give this country a bad name.

  2. Shut up.
    My friend go and die. Bad belle. You that haven't committed any crime home and abroad apart from stealing a miserable fish from you mum's pot which is also a crime anyway, what do you have to show for your "straightforwardness". Show us a link of your "positive" achievements apart from having the opportunity to castigate a rich dude which is a privileged for you just because you downloaded a free opera browsing programme into your miserable phone, I think you should add the fact that you are beefing someone who isn't hearing you or knows you, its an achievement in your cave of a hometown go and tell them the sailor's tale i am sure they will be proud of you, Wait until your wife or your girlfriend dumps you for his dog then you will understand that you are nobody I'm quite sure she will even dump you for less, maybe having the opportunity to eat the crumbs on his table when he is done eating (not like she will even see him) lemme not take it too far, being realistic here is that I can bet she will leave you to get an opportunity to snap by the lambo or the Rolls Royce for Dp and she can go as far as killing you to ride on top of the Tyre of the car or better still under the hood not minding that riding under both conditions will still leave her dead but she wont still mind instead of being with a low life like you. My friend go get a life and stop being a Hater and a Looser.
    Why not go and arrest your Aviation Minister and others in the Government first before saying Nonsense. Fool
    You have suddenly turned into a writer and analyst because you saw Dilly.

  3. Any body that condemns him let the person prove how righteous he or she is no body is free of crime from one way or the other, our government is the worst and we the followers are not free from crime so let him be


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