Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Six little feet by @Jaythehatter

Six little feet 

Six cute little feet, running down the hall way
Feels like joy running down my soul
With the speed of a waterfall
Drowning me in an ocean of happiness
Six cute little feet, have lovely faces
Like cherubim and seraphim
With eyes like a thousand stars
That illuminates any gloomy day
like the morning sun through window pane
Six cute little feet, have smiles
That sends sunshine into my heart
Leaving cloud of happiness in my world
And a sweet air of neighborliness
Six cute little feet, spoke a tongue
My ears could not understand but my heart did
Blabs, like fine tunes just for the heart
Six cute little feet, have hearts empty of malice
But filled with friendship
And when six cute little feet giggles
It sends my heart galloping
Down boulevard of friendship
If there is anything I hold scared
Is my friendship, with six cute little feet

The poem was submitted by a reader of this blog.His twitter handle is @Jaythehatter .

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