Monday, 21 October 2013

Yeoal Exclusive: Pictures Of American Actress Vivica A. Fox On The Set Of Comedian AY Makun's Movie

It seems comedian AY has diversified into movie production as he travelled to the US recently  to shoot a movie titled 30 Days in Atlanta… The Adventures of Akpos.
 Amongst the cast is American actress Vivica A Fox. She has acted in some Hollywood blockbusters like 'Set It Off' and 'Kill Bill'. She is also famous for dating controversial rapper 50cents.
She was spotted on the set of AY's new movie.  Who says Nollywood is not going places. We are already attracting Hollywood stars. :-).
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  1. So Ay is now a director? The man smart diee!! I'm sure he is super rich.

  2. Who is d man holding vivica anyhow? Is dat her husband?

  3. Nope. Vivica A. Fox is not married. That's Kesse Jabari, Sabina Umeh's husband. Maybe they acted as a married couple in the movie.


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