Thursday, 10 October 2013

Yvonne Nelson and Karen Igho Engage in Twitter Fight......."This Deserves Exorcism"

I don't know what is going on between Karen Igho and Yvonne Nelson, but a mild drama almost played out on twitter, where  Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson dissed reality star Karen Igho.

Karen replied with tis tweet........

Oh well!! A few minutes after Karen retweeted Yvonne's diss, Yvonne claimed her account was hacked.
I believe her. *minding my business face*



  1. hehe!! hacked indeed. Yvonne Nelson likes attention.

  2. Everytime she says something the next thing you hear is that her account has been hacked. Abeg yvonne nelson should grow up like karen said.

    1. Yvonne likes attention too much. I've always said that her story of Iyanaya breaking her heart is a lie. I hope people believe me now.


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