Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kim Kardashian Denies Being A Member Of Illuminati....Reveals She Is A Christian

The reality star was obviously irked when people went hard on her after she posted  a picture of what people claim had subtle Illuminati symbols. She posted this message on her Twitter timeline, denying the allegations,revealing in the process that she is a Christian.
  Check out the picture that sparked the whole controversy after the jump 

Do you guys see any thing unusual in this picture, besides does the Illuminati really exist?


  1. That is clearly an illuminatti symbol. The eye and the oval shape is the give away. and yes, illuminati does exist.

  2. Really?how sure are you ?what is d proof?
    question: are they bad people in d world?
    answer: yes
    question;do cults exist in Hollywood?
    answer: yes
    question: do people sell their souls to the devil for fame?
    answer: we think so there is no proof
    if you can prove it,if you can prove that kim kardashian or kanye west or beyonce or jay z or lady gaga or keysha etc belong to "illuminate' let me know.
    for all you and I know this ''illuminate' shiz might be a ponzi scheme it might have bn made up by a jobless pessimist or even on of the stars to gain popularity,you never know


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