Thursday, 7 November 2013

Temi Doll Face Featured In British GQ Magazine + Eku and Kessie Edewor Land British Tatler Magazine Feature

Nigerian singer and vintage fashion lover Temi Doll Face has been featured in British GQ's 25th anniversary......the edition that has Rihanna with snakes on her head looking like Medusa on the cover .
 Here is what they wrote about her........

“Our current obsession is “Pata Pata” (it’s Yoruba for “completely”), an imperious, hilarious break-up dance song by British-educated Nigerian singer Temi Dollface, who calls her flamboyant style “drama soul”.

In a dazzling video which drops Ghanaian Azonto dancers into playful parodies of sixties commercials, Dollface comes across like an African Janelle Monáe.

It’s true that the self-consciously arty Dollface isn’t typical in the endless torrent of music pouring out of West Africa at the moment. The rules that make genres narrow and dull haven’t been written yet, so afrobeats is still a Babel of competing voices and new ideas. Spend an hour or so bouncing between links and you’ll find something that will surprise and delight you. pata pata”



Fashionista and television presenter  Eku Edewor and her twin sister Kessie Edewor-Thorley were also featured in the December issue of British magazine 'Tatler' . The pair were spotted rocking designs by Nigerian fashion house 'Jewel by Lisa'.

Glad to see Nigerian celebs being profiled by respected international publications. I can't wait for them to land the cover slots.

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