Thursday, 29 May 2014

Charles Novia Lashes at Tiwa Savage Over New Video.........."A video where a wife sim*lates ‘f*ng£ring’ is gross"

Movie producer and social critic Charles Novia has lashed out at Tiwa Savage over the video of her controversial new single "Wanted".
The producer aired his thoughts via his twitter handle. Read his tweets below..........

Whatever her hubby likes about her body should really remain within their bedroom IMO A video where a wife simulates ‘f*ngering’ is gross.

Rihanna and Beyonce and all other Yankee gals doing the n*de video stuff at least have originality in their insanity. This one is…smh.

Yes, we live in a hypocritical society as some coots supporting that video would scream but our hypocrisy still keeps our kids in check

When you start exposing p*na*nies & p£n*ses in d name of stupid ‘art’ , then those shouting ‘hypocrisy’ shd let their kids go nakkid to sch

For the record, I could be termed Tiwa’s biggest fan but concerning this video, Omo, e nor pure. Dem Mad-heeda and co are kids play 2 dis

Many will be quick to compare Jay Z and Beyonce in this case and say we watch those videos. Silly analogy. Is Nigeria America?

Rihanna exposes her br$asts and b*oty and a mad fever grips almost every female act in Nigeria to also show their own t*t*. Haba!

One cannot even switch on to a Nigerian music channel these days without wondering if it’s an appendage of a foreign bedroom channel!

And after una go dey blame Jonathan! At least he covers his a$*! Pun intended.

And just for the record, it’s the concept of the video that seems ‘t*rt’ to me and not ‘art’ before it is misconstrued. Ehen!

Are you guys feeling Charles' tweets?

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