Saturday, 31 May 2014

Etcetera Blasts Late Mc Loph in New Article

The singer/writer took a swipe at the Late MC Loph in an article  he wrote for Punch. In the article he talked about his hate for the way present day Fuji musicians have watered down the "religion" according to him. He also blasted bloggers when he made the comment  "Please Lord; don’t let me listen to another song from a Naija blog ever again" *side eye at that statement*.

I am in dying need of some highlife in my veins right now. The good thing is that most times I travel to Ibadan on visits, I often stay at Premier Hotel where some of our old musicians go to for relaxation. And I love it. On a given weekend, I’ll run into an old favorite like Kwam 1 at the bar or bump into Adewale Ayuba during breakfast. They say the last stage of grief is acceptance. And I have accepted my grief. I have been a man in love with music, and the music that I love is mostly gone, long since tamed by today’s sound.

But all the same, let me put on my shoes, pour myself a glass of soft drink and relax with Osondi Owendi by Chief Osita Osadebe or the (puke in your face) remix by late Mc Loph, and be happy knowing that music is music, just as sekks is sekks, and these two things will always find a way to go together like a nice cold soft drink and an evening at Elegushi Beach.

So please keep your carrot jeans, unusual eyeglasses and that Mohawk while I am loving it here chilling with my Oriental Brothers.

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