Sunday, 11 May 2014

"My Father and Tony Anenih Lent Me Money To Pay Salaries While I Was Gov".......Lucky Igbinedion

This is what the former governor of Edo State told Punch newspapers.......

 "This is the first time I am saying this. Two people that I owe a lot of gratitude to in Edo State that made my tenure successful. My father and (Chief Tony) Anenih. In the darkest of days, when the state was broke, we could not pay salaries, we could not do anything, I run to the two of them and they will lend the state money. They will loan the state money, it is documented, it is there, when banks will not even touch us, I would go to them. When pensioners will go to him crying or lie in front of Govt House, a couple of times I went to Chief Anenih and he gave money just to make sure the government ran smoothly.

On the EFCC coming after him........

They (EFCC) are doing their job. They challenge you, you answer their questions. I have nothing to fear. I was outside the country, when they said I was declared wanted, I came back. If I had fear, I would keep running but I was confident that I had nothing to fear. In fact, if anything, it is the state that owes me money, not me owing the state money. For me to loot, there must be something to loot. Edo State had no money to loot. I borrowed money from my father; and from Chief Anenih. They went round and round and after a while, they came to the Code of Conduct, they said I failed to disclose an amount of N3.3 million in my account. That’s what I was charged and fined for.”


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  1. Thief!! look at what u reduced Edo State 2 during ur tenure as governor.


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