Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Throw Back Interview Proves Kcee is Lying About His Wife + Picture of the $20k Diamond Engagement Ring He Got Her

The $20,000 diamond engagement ring Kcee bought for Ijeoma Okonkwo
Lool!!! Nigerian celebrities don wise up oh!! They know how to cook up anything to stay in the news. Even when it is obvious they are being economical with the truth.
So, the news that is trending on Naija blogsphere is Kcee's revelation that his wife is his sister and that the pictures of the wedding day is a film. Immediately I heard this, I had to double confirm that I actually heard well because I remember vividly an interview he granted City People magazine sometime in 2010 where he talked about how he proposed to his wife the truth is that I actually remembered because of the $20k ring sha!! *chuckles*.  Anyhoo, read excerpts from the interview.......

"The ring I gave my fiancée is pure diamond. The ring is worth $20, 000. The date has not been fixed for the wedding yet but we have done our introduction. We did that in my fiancée's father's Okota home in Lagos this January. The engagement was in Dubai, the choice was Dubai because I wanted to surprise her. I told her we were going to Dubai on holiday and we stayed at the tallest hotel in the world, the popular 7 star hotel in Dubai, Burj Al Arab Hotel. The hotel room rates starts from $1, 767. 66. I hired a
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parachute for just the two of us and when we were about 40, 000 feet above sea level, I brought out the ring and asked her to marry me. She said yes. The time we spent in the parachute was a memorable one. When we returned to Nigeria, I bought her a car - a Honda Ridgeline - she deserves it. My wife-to-be is beautiful but above that she's beautiful on the inside. She is brilliant, intelligent, generous, and an understanding woman. She's so much fun to be with. Her name is Ijeoma Oduah and she's from Ogbaru LGA Anambra State and she's still a student studying mass communication. I love my woman and I am going to have a loud and classy wedding very soon."
There has to be an explanation though....Either he has a sister named Ijeoma Okonkwo or he has actually forgotten that he is married *big loooollll!! to that one*, or!!, or!!!........ I give up. I don't know any excuse to even give again.

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